Given below are a few tips for the quantative section in GRE

Posted by Chris Morgan on February 6th, 2020

Always answer smartly. You don't need to go in a linear manner by solving every single problem out there in order. There are numerous advanced and simple answering techniques that GRE coaching in delhi will teach you to answer correctly and faster at the same time. Always make an educated guess after rearranging the question in your head properly. When you employ such important strategies in your head, you will easily boost your quantative answers and score well on the test.

How can you use your online calculator more effectively?

A lot of the times in the computation you have to get into sml calculations that can be extremely time consuming like square root and long division. When it comes to such calculations you are allowed to use the on-screen calculator that is there for the duration of the test.

Although the calculator on screen is great for shorteing the time given to perform tough calculations, you must always remember that the results provided are supplementary to the knowledge you have already and can in no way replace it. It's imperative that you always use your mathematical knowhow to trust your instincts before jumping into using the calculator.

Given below are some basic guidelines for using the calculator.

  1. You don't need to always use the calculator just because it's available. Most of the time there are questions that don't really require difficult calculations. Sometimes you must not use the calculator to just cross check when you're a hundred percent sure. It's availability does not mean that you ask it for the smallest problems. Use it for tedious calculations where there are numbers with several digits. If there are simple and easy computations you must do them mentally. Usually if you answer with the help of your own estimation the answer is quicker.

The on-screen calculator that the test uses has a mathematical convention which known as the order of operations. This gives out which operations are done before the others when it comes to calculations. There is a particular order in which it performs like parentheses then there is exponentiation then multiplication then division then addition and further there is subtraction. The normal calculators use a different method so always be careful when you use the on-screen calculator.

When it comes to pacing strategies you should get the strategies below into account.

  • Always learn how long you need to spend on each question type.
  • Start by building your sense of time by tracking each question you solve.
  • Get using benchmarks to check the pacing.
  • All the strategies mentioned above takes a lot of practice so you need to get it broken down and then go for the provided tables.

How long must you spend on each question?

GRE coaching in delhi teaches you that every question out there has given ideal range. If you stay within this time range you'll have plenty of time to work on every question out there. Longer than this, you'll start falling behind on your pace and you'll risk missing out questions at the end of the section. It also works in the reverse order. If you go faster than 30 seconds you might just end up making careless mistakes.

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