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Posted by HamzaAli on February 6th, 2020

Cheap Domain Registration In Pakistan

Zthosting offers the most affordable rates for domain registration with no extra charges on renewal. With Zero Tolerance Hosting you will get more value at a low price.

What is hosting, what is it for and what types are there?

What is hosting? - This is a usual question among internet users. If it is among your plans to familiarize yourself with the creation of websites, whether to have a blog or develop your own page, you must perfectly understand what hosting is, since it will be fundamental in your decision making.

How does hosting work?

The hosting works like a USB stick. In it, you simply store your documents and it is useless to contain the information you want. When you want to use the files stored on it you simply connect it to the computer and open the folder of your interest. That is, it stores, just like hosting.

In easy words, hosting is limited to saving the information on your site and when a user wants to see it, the Internet searches for that information on the server that stores it.

.pk Domain Registration

A domain name is the identification of your business. With the .pk domain name, you can have a great impact on local customers. .pk domain name is well recognized in Pakistan. At ZtHosting you can buy .pk domain at an affordable rate.

In the diagram that we present below, you can see the way in which access to the information stored in the hosting operates.

The process is fairly simple. The first step is to click on the page of your interest or type in the search engine the page you want to access. Once you do, the internet searches for information on the server. Finally, once the internet finds all the content of the page, it downloads it to your computer so you can access it.

While it may sound complicated, this whole process takes a matter of seconds.

SEO Services In Pakistan

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What is the difference between hosting and domain?

When we talk about hosting we mean the space in which you store all the information on your site, while the domain is the name you assign to your page on the internet so that users can easily find you and access your content.

The function of the domain is to give an identity, as is the case with the domain.

What is the difference between hosting and IP address?

In the hosting, we store information, while the IP address is a unique and unrepeatable set of numbers that serves to identify a computer connected to the network that carries information packets so that there is no doubt about the origin and destination of the data transmission. An IP address looks like this:

Let us give you a clearer example. Hosting is like the house you are renting. In it are all your things: living room, dining room, TV, photo albums, clothes, shoes, etc. (which are stored files and information)

The domain would be the house address, which helps to easily identify where it is located: Calle Margaritas No.4218, Colonia Los Volcanes. And finally, the IP address would be the coordinates with which you can locate the house on the GPS.

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