5 specifications to consider while hiring dedicated server

Posted by John Smith on February 6th, 2020

Windows dedicated server operates differently from any shared system since they require a certain technical skill. Aspects such as security, configuration, installation of applications and others will depend entirely on you. 

The hiring of a self-administered service is an option for webmasters without time to be dedicated to the technical.
When hiring cheap dedicated server India, there are a number of basic criteria to take into account for your selection. There are 5 specifically that we recommend in detail.

1. Linux vs. Windows:

To operate the servers must have an operating system installed. In this case, there are two that stand out: Linux and Windows. Making this decision based on your project is crucial since both platforms run different applications. A bad choice can cost you thousands of euros. Find accommodation services that offer both options.

2. Server control panels:

Control panels are part of the installation packages on cheap VPS India. Unlike the operating system, in this case, the provider offers a unique option to take or refuse. Each has attractive features and different functions for Linux and Windows.

The step of selecting the best control panel is important as this system works to administer and manage the entire server. Everyone has different ram needs. Among the advantages of cPanel is that its ram consumption is lower compared to other systems. The latter requires having 512 MB to 1GB of ram.

3. The ram memory of the dedicated server:

The selection criteria of a dedicated server hosting are similar to those of a computer. Remember that it is physical equipment. Keep in mind the ram that they offer to work, make sure that it covers the needs of your applications, the operating system you opted for and web traffic.

4. Technical support:

In case of any eventuality with your dedicated hosting service, it is important to have a good technical service to respond promptly. One of the reasons why people decide to change hosting is due to poor and untimely attention. This is not a technical criterion, but it will save you headaches in the future.

5. The processor or CPU:

This is another of the specifications that you will notice when hiring a cheap dedicated server India. In the current market, the most common processor in hosting plans is the Intel Xeon, a powerful high-end system with processing and storage speed. Check the CPU specifications according to your needs, this is a technical process, but important to get rid of problems in the future.

To compare server processors consider elements such as processing speed (GHz), cores and cache memory.


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