Who Knew that Playing Video Games Could be Healthy?

Posted by Ashley Swenson on February 6th, 2020

With all the hype around video game playing and whether or not it prompts violent behavior in some cases, it is a bit different to see that playing these games can actually be good for you in many ways. Video game playing typically has negative connotations. Many believe that children who play video games are lazy, obese and simply do not get enough outdoor time. New studies however are beginning to show that playing some video games can actually be healthy, for you and your children.

The Wii and the Xbox Kinect gaming consoles are certainly different than those older systems where you simply sat down and played. These systems require you to actually get up off your feet and move about. Players have to physically move, jump, wave and perform other activities in order to play the games. Many games are designed around sports or dancing and are designed to help improve overall fitness. Many feel however that even though there is much more movement while playing these games, because players are still looking at a television screen while playing they may actually be damaging their eyesight.

Studies however, disagree. These studies have shown that playing video games could actually help to improve eyesight in those with a lazy eye. Playing video games, particularly action based games, can help to strengthen the eyes because they train the eyes to work harder. This has been proven to also improve night blindness.

Many studies are being done as well to see just how beneficial playing video games can be for those who suffer from depression. Research has shown that cognitive behavioral therapy when playing 3D role playing games can be significantly improved. Playing these games has helped to increase the mood of patients who were studied and significantly decrease their symptoms of depression and improving results of economics homework, as much as undergoing traditional therapy.

Patients who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder have also been studied to see the effects of video game playing. Simple games such as Tetris have been shown to seriously reduce the number of flashbacks in those who suffer from PTSD and it is believed that the act of relaxation and the social benefits of playing these games can help with the disorder as well. Those who play online through gaming consoles tend to chat with friends and acquaintances which helps to prevent many mental illnesses.

There are specific types of games that were studied but it is not believed that video games in general do not cause the detrimental concerns that they once did. Those who have physical systems such as the Wii are forced to actually move in order to play. This means no more lazing in the easy chair. Many consumers have claimed to have lost weight when playing certain games on the Wii such as dancing games and there are a number of other games that are designed to promote weight loss. Video gaming is not being considered as a major benefit that can help to make you healthier.

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