Cavoodles dog- Whom does the breed of dog best suits?

Posted by Cavoodle Love on February 6th, 2020

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Cavoodle- Knowing a little more about the breed-

This is a mixture between a poodle and Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel. What to know more about the interesting breed?

Below is everything you will like to know about the Cavoodle-

  • They get originated in Australia and are small in size.
  • They have the lifespan of 10-15 years and are medium/high energetic dogs
  • They come under the breed group of designer or toy dog.
  • They are a mixed breed and could take the characteristic of any parent breed or might possess a mix of both the breed.
  • It is difficult predicting what each Cavoodle pup will appear as it grows into an adult. Some of them might appear a completely different one.
  • A Cavoodle can fall anywhere between the sizes of their parents breed. However, the varying trends make them even more complicated.

Who is Cavoodles best suited for?

These are an excellent choice for most of the individuals. This is because they have gentle demeanour and temper. This breed is adorable with cutest faces and temperament. These are well natured and easy-going breed and so they can easily suit any home type.

Below are some places they would suit to-

  1. They suit single individuals to big families. All they require is ample care and attention.
  2. They are best for able adults and are also great for young children. This is because they are bred to be friendly and gentle.
  3. They can be kept either in restrained spaces or big Yards. They are energetic but will not require too much space to live.
  4. They can live either as a single pet or can adjust with families or other pet. All they need is attention from one and all.

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