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Know The Key Area Where The Water Quality Sensors Are Used

Posted by ieandsau on February 7th, 2020

Water pollution is very common to measure the quality of water in the sea, ocean, rivers, lakes, and ponds water quality sensing devices are used. The article compiles all the relevant info about the water quality sensor and its application. Remain hooked with this article.

It has been researched and stated by the renowned scientist that 71% of our planet is covered with water and oceans and sea holds 90% of the water. Across the world, 80% of the health hazards are because of the poor quality water that people and animals are consuming. With the rise in technology, Water Quality Sensors have evolved to measure the quality of water. The high-end technology device helps you to get ensure that you are drinking the safe water that is free from Sulphate and other harmful chemicals and water pollutants.

The smart devices like Automatic Weather stations and water quality devices are worthwhile and cost-efficient to cull. There are various verticals where the water quality testers can be very effective and they are outlined below.

 Portable Water Monitoring

 The common parameters that are focused on the water quality check system are pH level, dissolved oxygen, and nitrates. The change in the pH level and dissolved oxygen level from the standard gamut indicate the presence of the bacteria from the urban discharge, factory discharge, sewage, and agriculture runs off, and many more. The device monitors the presence of harmful discharge quickly.

Detection Of The Chemical In The Water

Extreme low pH means water is highly acidic to use or low dissolved oxygen indicates harmful chemicals from the factory discharge has spilled from the leakage problem in drainage or sewage pipe. The device is the quick answer to detect the presence of chemicals in the water.

Prevention Of Corrosion And Limescale Deposit

 The water hardening factors are temperature, pH, conductivity, Magnesium (Mg2+), Calcium (Ca+) concentration. The water quality sensor has a sensing device that can sense the presence of the above factors that foster water hardness. It is true that by controlling the water hardness we can dodge the corrosion and limescale deposit.

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