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Three Valuable Ways for Businesses to Use Text Messaging

Posted by businesstextmessaging on February 7th, 2020

Many businesses have discovered that text messaging customers and others is a better way to connect. Modern business text messaging platforms make it easy to leverage this popular, efficient means of communication. A quick look at some of the most common ways for companies to leverage text messaging will reveal there are some interesting options.

Making the Most of a Modern Way to Communicate

Phone calls and even letters sent by mail still have their places, as do fax machines and emails. Many businesses rely to some extent or another on one or more of these communication tools.

Text messaging is an option, though, that frequently makes more sense than the traditional alternatives. Some of the best applications for business text messaging today include:

Customer service. Customer service phone lines are infamous for imposing extended hold times on the people companies rely on for revenue. Using text messaging to facilitate and improve customer service can foster loyalty and cut costs in the process. Customers appreciate being able to send off queries and requests for help whenever they have spare time. Not needing to wait while a recording plays in the background will always be preferable to being stuck on hold.

Protecting personal information. Many companies collect and strive to safeguard potentially sensitive information about their customers. Using notoriously insecure channels like email to transmit private data will always be a bad idea. While there are more secure alternatives, text messaging combines a significant level of protection with undeniable convenience. Many companies have found that text messaging allows them to keep data safe without stifling important conversations.

Soliciting feedback. Companies that stay on top of how their customers are feeling tend to be best positioned to evolve and grow as needed. Text messaging can be used to request reviews or survey responses that help businesses learn how to better serve their customers. Over time, a text messaging initiative can become one of a company's most effective ways to collect feedback. Text messaging also typically proves to be an especially affordable way to gather such important information.

A Great Option for Many Companies

With advanced text message software making it easy to pursue goals like these and others, businesses rarely have much to gain by waiting on the sidelines. Just about every company today should be able to employ text messaging in one or more ways that will make it more competitive and successful, with the barriers to entry almost always being low, as well.

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