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Making A Home For Guinea Pigs: How Do Guinea Pigs Follow Your Schedule?

Posted by guineapigmarket01 on February 7th, 2020

When you have decided to get a pet for the house, you might have decided that guinea pigs are the right option. However, you need to make a home for your guinea pigs with things like fleece cage liners and a Midwest guinea pig cage. There are a few tips here that show you what needs to be done when you bring guinea pigs home, and one of the first things you need to learn is that you need to bring more than one home at a time.


How Many Guinea Pigs Do You Need?


You can meet with breeders who will adopt guinea pigs to you and your family at any time. Even if you like alone, you need to get at least two guinea pigs. These animals are pack animals that love to live in community, and they will even share C&C cages, fleece cage liners, food, and water. You might want to ask the breeder you found which guinea pigs should come home together because the breeder has watched their behavior.


When you bring home guinea pigs that act like family, they will thrive in the cage together. However, you also need to be careful about how much space they have. Watch your guinea pigs grow, and determine when it is time to get another cage.


How Many Guinea Pigs Should Fit In One Midwest Guinea Pig Cage?


When you are looking at C&C cages, you need to have no more than two fully-grown guinea pigs in one cage. Yes, guinea pigs love to live together. However, they might get a bit too large for your cage. If there is a third or fourth guinea pig, they will need to move to another cage with its own fleece cage liners, food, water, and litter tray. This is because you want the guinea pigs to have their own space. They will get restless if they are crammed in a small cage.


How Do You Use C&C Cages To Keep Your Guinea Pigs On A Schedule?


When you have set up the cages for your guinea pigs, the fleece cage liners create a nice place to sleep. However, you need to get your guinea pigs to go to sleep at night so that they will wake up with you in the morning. You can create a routine by putting everyone back in the cage at night, covering the cage with a tea towel, and turning off the lights. You can remove the towel in the morning when everyone is supposed to get up, and they can eat, come out to play, and enjoy their daily routine.

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Can Guinea Pigs Play With Toys In Their Cages?


You have invested in nice cages, you should add toys to the cage to keep your pigs entertained. Everything else the pigs need is in the cage from food and water to a place to sleep. When the pigs can play in the cage while you are at work, they will not feel restless or alone. Think of new toys like the food bowl, water bottle, and litter liner. Toys are essential for healthy guinea pigs to thrive.


Conclusion: How Many Guinea Pigs Can You Adopt?


In theory, you can adopt as many guinea pigs as you want so long as you have two guinea pigs in every Midwest guinea pig cage you buy. Get toys for everyone, enough food, and possibly two water bottles per cage. Clean the litter liner every day, and you will have friends who are happy to greet you in the morning and when you get home from work.

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