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Criminal Defense Lawyer - The Role and Responsibilities

Posted by amitchaudhary on February 7th, 2020

Criminal defense lawyers are those lawyers who defend a person from being accused of a crime. They research and analyze the case properly and present their findings in court to favor the defendant. They try to gain the defendant's freedom. To get an efficient and best criminal defense lawyer Delhi you must contact a professional firm. They will provide you with the best lawyers who will support you in every stage of the case and will try their best to win the case in your support. The various roles and responsibilities of a criminal defense lawyer are:

1. Criminal defense lawyers are responsible for researching the case and analyze it to find out the outcome. They develop various strategies to defend the client.

2. Their main objective is to solve the case as early as possible in favor of their client.

3. They are responsible for filing the anticipatory petition and filing bails special leave petition.

4. It is the duty and responsibility of a criminal defense lawyer to represent his client in the court trials and hearings on time.

5. To collect various evidence in favor of his client and present them in the court.

6. They must have full knowledge of the changes and modifications in the legal field.

7. A criminal defense lawyer must conduct the whole process professionally and ethically.

How bail can be obtained from the Supreme Court?

The bail cannot be directly obtained from the Supreme Court. At first, the petition must be filed in the High Court. If the bail is rejected by the High Court then, the appeal is made to the Supreme Court through a special leave petition. There are no fees required for filing an SLP in the Supreme Court. To obtain bail from Supreme Court one must have a professional and highly qualified lawyer. The various types of bail that can be obtained from the Supreme Court are:

1. Anticipatory bail
2. To ask for an extension of time for surrender
3. Regular bail
4. Suspension of sentence

What is the transfer petition?

This is the power of the Supreme Court. The SC has the right to transfer any petition or case from a civil court or high court of one state to civil court or high court of another state. However, this power is given only to the SC and can be exercised if it thinks that it is necessary to transfer the case to ensure justice. This is generally used when one party claims that he or she will not be met justice in the lower court.

Anticipatory bail from Supreme Court

It means granting bail to a person who is being arrested. The bail can be granted by the sessions court, civil court or high court. The anticipatory bail from the Supreme Court can be granted only under certain conditions like the accused person will not go outside the city and will be available for investigation whenever required. The court can also apply other conditions to ensure justice.

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