Best Bedside Table Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

Posted by Jay Bhagat on February 7th, 2020

A boring old table by your bedside overflowing with necessities is the last thing you would want to wake up to. Choosing the best bedside table design can be a tad bit challenging since there are a whole lot of things to consider before buying this essential piece of decor.  It could be the height of the table - will it be too small or too big compared to the bed? Does the table have enough surface area to display your favourite objects? Will more storage be necessary? What material is it made of, does it fuse with the existing decor or whether it is sturdy? Lastly, the style, which will make or break your existing decor.


Below are a few Bedside table ideas from Freedom Tree to take inspiration from - An exclusive lifestyle store known for unique and aesthetic design concepts that break stereotypes and infuse a personality into your home.  Here are our top bedside table designs ideas that cater to both the functional and aesthetic sensibilities; that make for winning arrangement for your bedroom decor.


Weathered Wicker for Old World Charm

The Wicka Bedside Table is the perfect side table for your bedroom if you are the kind who digs old-world charm. Crafted in Teak Wood and Wicker, the table imparts a vintage and cosy ambience to your space with its mid-century appeal. Complement it with a warm lamp and a good book to make your space look contemporary, natural and soothing. 


Stay Stylish with Secret Storage

Inspired from the Japanese love for minimalism and all things square; the Hokei Grey Bedside Table crafted in Sheesham Wood makes for the perfect secret storage that tucks away your essentials; while adding a suave and minimalistic aura to your bedroom. Mix and match this side table for bed with greens that compliment the matt grey and smoky blue for a modern, clean and organic vibe.

 Add Unconventionally with Retro

Reminiscent of the nostalgic retro days but with a modern twist - the Nara Teak Wood Bedside Table design is crafted in Teakwood with a natural finish that looks pristine perching next to your bed. Artistically cut in an unconventional and unique pattern, this open and airy shelf can be used to display your antiques/souvenirs in style. 


Go Eclectic with Contrast

Bedroom side table designed for the show stoppers. The Deja Vu Bone Inlay Bedside Table, crafted in Mango Wood is a standalone stunner. The contrasting storage with an intricate chevron design amidst the tranquil of green and blue colours, contrasted with golden coated legs will instantly steal the spotlight. The cheerful and colourful bedside table is the perfect spot to display your frames and perfumed candles, which make for flattering low-profile additions.

Mix it up with accessories that strike the right balance and or keep it plain and simple; whatever reflects your personal style. To match or not match is up to you;  Freedom Tree’s collection of exquisitely designed bedside tables will charmingly fuse into any bedroom. 


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