What is the Importance of Mindful Snacking?

Posted by Sridevi Jasti on February 7th, 2020

We all agree, it is tough to resist the appetizing aromas of deep-fried delights and other snacks as well. Most of us take it lightly and often thinking about going back to childhood, especially back from the vacation gaining so much weight and strives hard to shed those extra kilos and finally we give up making this as one of the parts of us.  

It is really hard when we are out of focus on our diet because every time it may not be available and our cravings would be more and more. And we feel that it is okay to binge and not to spoil the mood by controlling your appetite but the real game is how to balance healthy snacking and cravings. Here comes the idea of mindful snacking and organic food stores into the picture, they have got an awesome collection of tasty and healthy snacks that you can binge at any time guilt-free. Various organic health food stores all around the world can meet all your requirements for mindful and healthy snacking. 

Why do we snack and its importance? 

Hunger is the main reason behind snacking, but factors like time, location, environment, food availability contribute as well. Most of the time we get hunger attacks or even snack cravings and people often snack when they see flavourful food around them even if they are not hungry. According to a study, when obese and overweight people were asked why they choose unhealthy snacks and the most common response got from them was it is due to temptation. Know the difference between hunger and appetite and feed your body with the right and healthy snack choices. Keep some organic snacks in handy to handle your cravings.

Experts say that our bodies' inner eat and sleep clocks have completely changed it is all because of the hectic lifestyles and unhealthy food. We keep eating such food every now and then, all resulting in constant cravings, the flow of hunger hormones that make us impossible to resist. Considering all these points, organic health food stores in Hyderabad have been providing access to good food. 

If you are looking for some organic snacks in Hyderabad, India then pick some delicious and nutritious snack treats from Vibrant Living. Vibrant Living is the top organic food store in Hyderabad, where you can shop a whole lot of super healthy organic snacks and other gourmet food.

Satisfy cravings with healthier approaches: 

If you are crazy for chocolates, try our Divine Cocoa Spread or even organic chikki bars instead of a calorie-laden chocolate bar. Our organic chikki bars are totally gluten-free, sugar-free, substitute yogurt in place of ice cream. if you are craving for some savoury munchies, snack on baked chips instead of your regular chips and pair them with Vibrant Living’s Savoury spread. You can also satisfy your salty cravings with some nuts and seeds. 

Healthy Alternatives to Junk 

Fruits- fruits would always be a great choice as snacks. They are loaded with several health benefits, all essential nutrients, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants … They consist of lots of water and electrolytes that can help us in keeping our bodies hydrated and energized. 

Organic Nuts and Dry Fruits- these treats are a great source of mood-boosting magnesium that aids in brain better performance. Organic nuts and dry fruits are also rich in protein, calcium, iron, and vitamins…

You can also munch on Coconut Chips, namkeen, energy bars, crackers, coconut-yogurt based desserts, drinks…

Taste becomes a priority when it comes to picking healthy food and about mindful snacking. With organic health food stores in Hyderabad-Vibrant Living yummy snack treats it is possible to meet your taste and healthy snacking goals. Enjoy the liking and taste of good food that you eat in turn it makes you feel happier and also you start carving for that tasty healthy food. 

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