4 Common Misconceptions About Skylight and the Truth Behind Them

Posted by Four Seasons Sunrooms Vancouver on February 7th, 2020

Thinking of getting a skylight in Burnaby installed in your home but don’t know if this is a smart decision? A lot of people get held back by misconceptions about skylight in Burnaby. They believe in myths and that causes them to miss out on the many benefits of this feature.

Just take a look at these myths and misconceptions that many people believe:

Misconception #1: Skylights will surely leak.

It is wrong to assume that Skylights will eventually leak. It won’t if your Skylight in Burnaby is done by professionals such as Four Seasons Sunrooms & Windows. The first thing you need to consider for a long-lasting, leak-proof Skylight in Burnaby is to choose high-quality materials. Make sure the material can take a good amount of snow and rain. The material should be highly resistant to moisture, buckling, chipping, cracking or warping and impervious to scratches. A good contractor will take extra measures to ensure that the fit is right and that no water from the outside will go inside.

Misconception #2: A skylight will get too bright in the summer.

This might be true in the past but new materials and new methods of installation for skylights make way for glare-free natural lighting coming into your home. Today, the system for skylights can include materials that will harvest the light first and separate the UV rays from the reflective light. The reflective light will then be directed to your home but softened by a diffuser. You can ask your contractor for this technology if you don’t want the skylight to be too harsh in the summer.

Misconception #3: Installing a skylight is too much work.

This depends on the kind of skylight you are having installed. The bigger it is, the more time it will take to install. Experienced contractors such as Four Seasons Sunrooms & Windows should be able to do it efficiently without causing too much disruption in the household. For smaller skylights such as a dome, it can actually take a few hours only.

The best thing to do is to talk to your contractor first to find out how difficult it would be to install the skylight in the area you want to install it.

Misconception #4: Skylights are too much work to maintain.

The maintenance of skylights is similar to that of windows. But since they are installed flat on the roof, they can accumulate dirt and debris. You can consult your contractor to create a system that will make it easier for you to maintain your skylight.

A skylight in Burnaby shouldn’t take too much time and effort to maintain. You can also include it in your general roofing maintenance for leak prevention.

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