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Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund trek is settled at an altitude of 12,772 Ft. Beas Kund is the high altitude alpine lake offering the best views in Himachal Pradesh. The River has a sacred story behind its name that; it’s a water body where sage Vyus used to take bath while mediating. Beas Kund Trek begins from Solang Nallah which is a well known goal in Manali for skiing and paragliding. Enchanting Meadows of Dhundi and Bakarthach will be an eye pleasing spots in your path on Beas Kund Trekking. Great pinnacles like Hanuman Tibba, Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, and Seven Sisters will be your partner on this trek. One will likewise walk over the Beas Kund Glacier while going towards Beas Kund. Pluck the wild strawberries and mushrooms on your way. This late spring trek is an ideal decision for the trekkers. These sorts of perspectives on a mountain are normally blessings given to mountain climbers. On a sunny morning, you'll likewise have the option to spot Mt Indrasen, Deo Tibba.

Difficulty Level

Beas Kund Trek won’t be a hard trek for the first timers as well as for the experienced ones. Beginners can do it, though the pathways will be little rough but can be covered, trekkers should know some techniques and to walk carefully. Beas Kund Trek could be the most magnificent and incredible journey for the trekkers in all the Himachal Trekking destinations.

Is it suitable for children’s?

Minimum age for Beas Kund Trek is 9 years but a child should only be accompanied with parents.

Is it a good option for the first time trekkers /or families?

This Himalayan trek is graded as the easy to moderate trek so it can be chosen to take the family to this trek.

Highest altitude : Beas Kund Trek

The altitude of Beas Kund Trek is 12,772 Ft. one can attain the maximum altitude depends on the subject to his endurance, and other conditions such as a climate, temperature. The things that one has to keep in mind are to take the proper medication, though we provide every possible thing, but it is always better to keep your medicines. According to your health, Hydration is the most important when you will trek to the higher altitude, so keep your body hydrated while trekking.

Season : Beas Kund Trek

The best time to visit Beas kund trek is between May- June and September – November. The glory of nature and Trekking in Himachal can be the best experience in all seasons. However, Beas Kund trek has all the beauty in it.

Average Temperature : Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Trek temperature in May and June will range 13-16 degrees Celsius during the day and from 3-6 degrees Celsius in the night. In the months of July-September, the temperature will range from 14-17 degrees Celsius during the day and from 4-8 degrees Celsius in the night.

What makes this trek different?

Beas Kund Trek is settled at an elevation of 12,772 Ft. Trek to Beas Kund is not something common in the mountains it stands unique in all its aspects. Beas Kund Trek is a wonderful trek among others when it’s about trekking in Himachal that has bunches of goal for trekking. The trek is a great choice for beginners. The majestic alpine lake sits at a high altitude and the trek to Beas Kund is one of the best experiences. The whole trail is surrounded by beautiful green forests. Great Peaks like Hanuman Tibba, Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, and Seven Sisters stand in front of you. This combination of big snowy peaks standing above you, Beas kund trek cost is the most favourable amount a trekker can pick to feel the serenity of the green land draws everyone’s attention to this trek.

Trek Itinerary : Beas Kund Trek

Day 1 : Manali – Solang – Dhundi (9,000 ft.)

Altitude: 9,000 Ft.

Time taken: 4 to 6 hrs

Trek Gradient: Moderate

Water Sources: Carry your own water bottles

The Beas Kund trek starts from Solang Valley and from Manali Bus Stand to Solang Valley it’s a 12 km distance that takes you to Palchan Village. The trail from Solang valley becomes more scenic with pine forests and mountains. The trek starts from a rocky path. You will cross stream and keep following the trail. Later on the trail you see a small trail which goes up through the forest cover. This trail connects to the main road. From here, you will follow the road to reach Rohtang Tunnel. You’ll be able to see the River Beas. You will have to cross the river and it won’t be so tough so keep it calm. After crossing the river there will be a 10 minute walk towards the campsite.

Day 2 : Dhundi – Bakarthach (10,800 ft.)

Altitude: 10,800 Ft.

Time Taken: 3 to 4 hrs trek

Trek Gradient: Moderate

Water sources: Carry your own water bottles

On your 2nd day the trail begin early with steep ascent. You’ll witness the pine, birch and even some walnut trees. There’s a stream that you have to cross after sometime in the trek. The whole trail is marked and can be walk without getting lost, so there is no problem as such of getting lost at any point. As you walk into the path so after 10 to 15 minutes you spot a long bridge that connects the valley to other side that will be your destination for 2nd day Bakrathach campsite. In few minutes of walk, further you will see the tree line is ending. Around 1.6 km walks into the trek. Later you will see the open valley with boulder sections from where Beas river flows and you will be able the see the ice wall from here, the trail goes right into the valley. Once you’re in the valley, you will see a stream flowing from the valley. Cross the stream and you have reached the next campsite. A scenic campsite surrounded by mountains, it makes an ideal camping spot. Your water source here is the stream which flows beside the campsites.

Day 3 : Bakarthach – Beas Kund (11,600 ft.) – Bakarthach.

Altitude: 11,600 Ft.

Time Taken: 5 to 6 hrs

Trek Gradient: Steep, Moderate

Water sources: Carry your own water bottles.

On your 3rd day start early as you have to trek on a long height. The distance till Beas Kund is 1.6 Km, and it’s a steep ascent to Beas Kund. You will not get lost as the trail is well marked but little harsh. However, the mountains will release all your stress of the trek by its astonishing view till the time you will reach Beas Kund. You can witness many summits from beautiful Beas Kund, and after capturing the beauty we will head back to our base camp.

Day 4 : Bakarthach – Solang – Manali.

Today we trek back to Solang from Bakarthach and this will be the end of your Beas Kund trek journey. Capture the view in your eyes and take back the memories, from Solang we will drive back to Manali in case your transportation is booked with us.

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