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Posted by John Sam on February 8th, 2020

Glassware is defined as commonly used containers or utensils in our kitchen or equipment used in laboratories that are made of glass. We are an acclaimed Glassware wholesaler with variety of glassware that fulfills different household tasks. Our unique selling point is the creatively designed glassware that is exclusive – difficult to find them with any other wholesaler or manufacturer. Our glassware items have a subtle appeal, made from authentic glass that is environmentally friendly and removes the negative effects of plastic items generally used in our houses especially related to foods and drinks. We are one of the few Glassware wholesalers that work not only with multiple retail-chains, wholesalers, cash & carries, market traders in the country and but also believe in dealing online with businesses and individuals for volume booking of our products

Some of our featured products online are:-

a. Set of Clear Glass Bottles with cap. These glass bottles are dishwasher safe and are exceptional for carrying water and drinks during summer.

b. Set of Mason Mugs with handle, each of 480 ml capacity. As these mugs have lids they are great for carrying or serving drinks during summers at picnics and parties. The straw provided with the set is an additional benefit.

c. The handsome twin mini wine glass bottle or the 15 centimeters Devil Wine Glass that’s just perfect for wine drinkers.

d. The intricately designed Butterfly glass jars and innovative Inner Skull head shot glass and the 3D Skull Shot glass.

e. The airtight 7.6 liters Glass Drinks dispenser, the vintage beverage glass bottle, the 500 ml swing top bottles set are all perfect for serving daily needs in the kitchen

We also specialize in stocking BB Guns – one can find an assorted selection of 153 BB Guns at our online store. BB Guns are the type of air guns that are designed to shoot BBs that is the metal balls. Typically these guns have a barrel with a bore caliber of 4.5mm and the BB’s are plated with either zinc or copper to resist wear and tear. The BB guns are suitable for teenage children and youth to practice firing and are also recognized by some of the Rifle Shooting Associations to feature in their competitive sporting events.

We have a wide range of choice of the Airsoft BB Guns that are suitable for all age groups and can be treated as rifles and pistols or as toys too. Few of the guns available at our store are –

a. Action Spring powdered rifles with Airsoft pump with or without a scope, grip, bipod, and torch

b. Spring pistol with hard case

c. Airsoft Gas Pistol with a silencer

d. Spring Power Airsoft Mini Aug Rifle

e. Full Metal Airsoft Spring Rifle with foldable stock

f. Heavy Weight Spring Airsoft Pistol

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