Simpsons Tapped Out Ways To Make Game More Productive

Posted by simtappedcheats on February 8th, 2020

If you want to earn more dollars, donuts and resources in Simpsons tapped Out game, you must focus on building a few special constructions.

This is a very productive and effective approach during the early stages of the game. This must be done in addition to the construction of the required buildings that the game asks you to.

You can find the necessary instructions in the task book located in the bottom-left of the screen of your device next to the XP bar or you can just explore game review for essential instructions.

The Process To Follow

You must do this for at least four or five levels. However, make sure that you are in a better position to make these constructions.

You must also use a little freedom for that matter when you want to build your own and newly designed Springfield.

You must follow the prompts of the game that will come up from time to time. These may instruct you to:

  • Add the Cletus’s Farm as the first building of your town and then gradually build the other necessary ones
  • If possible, you should grow crops in your buildings for additional income, profit and higher rating.

As for growing the crops, make sure that the types of crops you choose to grow fits well with the playing cycle.

This will ensure that the crops will not wilt before you harvest them and result in a loss. Ideally, crops will decay at the same rate as they grow which is why you should choose the right type of crops.

Summing It Up

You must instruct Homer to play as soon as you gain access to it if you want to gain ten additional donuts.

You can have lots of donuts of in the game just by doing some in-game events that you can easily do on day by day basis and earn lots of donuts legally. Get all such hacks and cheats for the simpsons tapped out game from site and have lots of fun.

Also make sure that you visit other Springfield so that you can earn more money and XP by tapping on any three buildings in their towns.


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