How To Optimize Travel Keywords In SERP?

Posted by Bhavesh Joshi on February 9th, 2020

Keywords are the most important part to rank up in the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages) but, there are certain steps which you must need to follow in order to optimize your keywords in the SERP. So, How to Optimize Your Keywords in SERP? Let’s go with following procedures –

Set Good Keywords

Setting the perfect keyword for your content before to make it live is very crucial task. Regular publishing of contents with perfect keywords is highly important so that Google can understand site status. There are various techniques to get perfect keyword as Google Adwords Keyword Planner (Tool), Other keyword tools for keyword planning, and brainstorming keyword searching technique to grab perfect keyword by following several steps. You can read complete information about it by Clicking here – Set Good Keywords.

Create Maximum Backlinks for Each Keyword to Rank Up in SERP

Link building is still one of the most effective and important SEO ranking factors. When one builds high-quality links on keywords with a website, it lets search engines suggest your website faster to users. But finding the best links can be tedious and even expensive. Luckily, there are many ways to build high-quality links with keywords easily and for free. Having an efficient link building strategy is the ultimate key to get high-quality backlinks on keywords. You can read complete information on it by Clicking here – How to Get Free High-Quality Backlinks?

Same Link Can be Placed on Different Keywords for Rankings in SERP

Yes, you can place same link on different travel keywords for rankings in the SERP. For example my travel website – has different keywords and so that i can link each keyword like these –
10 best places of canada to visit
5 Best Australian Festivals
5 best food of Italy
5 Best Food Recipes of France
5 best food to eat in Brazil
5 Best Polish Recipes
7 Best Australian Recipes
7 Best Festivals of France
7 Best festivals of Romania
7 best food recipes of Europe
7 Best Holidays of USA
7 Best Hotels in UAE
8 Best Hotels of Europe You Should Look
all about japan travelling
Amazing Cities of Germany You Should Visit
Amazing Places of Russia You Should Visit
Amazing Places of Spain You Should Visit
Amazing Places of Venice You Should Visit
Amazing Places to Visit in China
argentina attractions
argentina exotic places
argentina points of interest
Argentina Tourism Guide
argentina travel destinations
argentina travel trip
Arustralia Travel Destinations
Attractive Travel Destinations of Canada
Attractive Travel Destinations of Germany
Australia Guide
Australia Points of Interest
Australia Tourism
Australia Tourist Spots
Australian Food Recipes
Austria Attractions
Austria Guide
Austria Origins
Austria Points of Interest
Austria Tourism Guide
Austria Travel Guidance
belgium Attractions
belgium points of interest
belgium tour
belgium tourism guidance
Belgium Travel Trip
Best Destinations to Travel in India
best festivals of Thailand
best french food recipes
best natural places of Madagascar
Best places to visit in Japan
best recipes of europe you should try
Best Recipes of Italian
Best tour places in Czech
Best tour places in Denmark
Best tour places in Hungary
best travel places during festivals in Europe
best travel places in Belgium
Best travel places in Cambodia
best travel places in Croatia
best travel places in Cyprus
best travel places in Egypt
best travel places in Finland
best travel places in Greece
Best Travel Places in Iceland
best travel places in India
best travel places in Kenya
best travel places in malaysia
best travel places in Mexico
best travel places in Morocco
best travel places in Namibia
best travel places in Singapore
best travel places in south africa
best travel places in Thailand
best travel places in USA
Best USA Vacations
Brazil best recipes
Brazil food
cambodia points of interest
cambodia tourism guidance
cambodia tourist destinations
cambodia travel guide
Canada Points of Interest
Canada Tourism Guide
Canada Travel Trip
Canada Vacations Guidance
China Destinations
China Points of Interest
China Tourism
China Travel Guide
Croatia Guide
Croatia Points of Interest
Croatia Tourism
Croatia Travel Guide
Cyprus Guidance
Cyprus Points of Interest
Cyprus Tourism
Cyprus Tourist Destinations for this holiday vacations
Czech Attractions
Czech Points of Interest
Czech Republic
Czech tour guidance
Czech Tourism
Czech travel guide
Denmark an Amazing Travel Destination For Trip
Denmark Attractions
Denmark Points of Interest
Denmark Tourism Guide
Denmark Travel Destinations
Denmark travel guidance
Egypt Attractions
Egypt Points of Interest
Egypt tour
Egypt Tourism
Egypt travel guide
enjoy france festivals
Europe cuisine
Europe Festivals Attractions
Europe Festivals Guide
Europe Festivals Points of Interest
Europe Festivals Tourism Guide
Europe Festivals Travel Guidance
Europe Hotel Attractions
Europe Hotel Tourism Guidance
Europe Hotel Trip Guide
Europe Points of Interest
Europe Tour
Europe Travel Destinations
European Food Attractions
European Food Guide
exotic destinations cambodia
Exotic Venice City in the Adriatic Sea in Italy
Explore the Amazing Finland
Explore the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
Explore the architecture of Finland
Explore the architecture of Iceland
Explore the architecture of Morocco
Explore the Austria
Explore the denmark this Vacation
explore the european food recipes
explore the exotic Russian cities
explore the exotic spainish cities
Explore the festivals of Europe
Explore the France
Explore the Hungary this Vacation
Explore the Life of Belgium
Explore the Monaco
Explore the Natural Madagascar
Explore the Netherlands
explore the newzealand destinations
Explore the Norway
Explore the Sweden this Vacation
Explore the Wild Desert Life of Namibia
Explore the Wild Life of Kenya
Explore the Wonderful Iceland
Explore the Wonderful Morocco
festivals of Australia
Festivals of Thailand
Finland Attractions
Finland points of interest
Finland Tour Guide
Finland tourism guidance
Finland Travel Plan
Five Best Poland Recipes
France an exotic location
France Attractions
france best festivals
france best food recipes
France Points of Interest
France Tourism Guidance
France Travel Guide
french festivals
french food
Germany Attractions
Germany Points of Interest
Germany Tourism Guide
Germany Travel Guidance
Greece Attractions
Greece Origins
Greece Points of Interest
Greece Tourism Tips
Greece Travel Destinations for this Vacation
Greek Language
Holiday Vacations in Greece
Holiday Vacations in USA
hotels of abu dhabi
hotels of dubai
Hungary an Amazing Travel Destination For Adventure
Hungary Attractions
Hungary Points of Interest
Hungary Tourism Guide
Hungary Tourist Destinations
Hungary travel guidance
Iceland Attractions
Iceland points of interest
Iceland Tour Guide
Iceland tourism guidance
Iceland Travel Plan
India Points of Interest
India Tourism Guide
India Travel Guide
Indian Tourism
Interesting Places of Monaco
Italian Recipes
italy tourism
japan points of interest
japan tourism guide
japan travel attractions
japan travel destinations
Kenya Attractions
kenya points of interest
kenya tour
kenya tourism guidance
Kenya Travel Trip
Madagascar Attractions
Madagascar Points of Interest
Madagascar tour
Madagascar Tourism
Madagascar travel guidance
Madagascar Trip Guide
Make a Adventure Plan for Austria
Make a Adventure Tour to Croatia
Make a Festival Plan in Europe
Make a Tour for European Meal
Make a Tour to Germany
Make a Tour to Namibia
Make a Tour to Russian Country
Make a Tour to Spain Country
Make a Tour to Venice City in Italy
Make a Travel Trip to Croatia this vacation
Make a Travel Trip to France
Make a Travel Trip to Netherlands
Make a Trip Plan for China
Make a Trip to Australia
make a trip to newzealand these holidays
Malaysia Exotic Destinations
malaysia high tech city with great tourist spot
Malaysia Points of Interest
Malaysia Tourism
Malaysia Tourism Guide
Malaysia Travel Guide
malaysian tourism guide
Mexico Tourism Destinations
Mexico Tourism Destinations - Mexico Travel Guide
Mexico Travel Guide
Monaco Points of Interest
Monaco tour
Monaco Tourism
Monaco travel guide
Monaco Trip Guidance
Morocco Attractions
Morocco points of interest
Morocco Tour Guide
Morocco tourism guidance
Morocco Travel Plan
Most Amazing Cities of Australia
Namibia Attractions
Namibia Points of Interest
Namibia Tourism Guide
Namibia Travel Destinations
Netherlands an exotic location
Netherlands Attractions
Netherlands Origins
Netherlands Points of Interest
Netherlands Tourism Guidance
Netherlands Travel Guide
NewZealand Attractions
newzealand exotic spots
newzealand tourism guidance
newzealand travel guide
Norway Attractions
Norway Points of Interest
Norway tour
Norway Tourism
Norway travel guidance
Norway Trip Guide
Plan a Tour to Belgium
Plan a Tour to Kenya
Plan a Tour to Norway
Plan a Trip to Czech
Plan a Trip to Egypt
Planning to Travel to Malaysia
planning your trip to thailand
poland food
poland recipes
polish food
Polish Recipes
Recipes of Australia
Roam to Australia these holiday vacations
roam to malaysia to get stress free
romania tourism guide
romania tourist spots
romania travel and tourism
Russia Attractions
Russia Points of Interest
Russia Tourism Guide
Russia Travel Guidance
Russia Wonderful Travel Destination
Singapore Guide
Singapore Points of Interest
Singapore Tourism
Singapore Travel Guide
South Africa Points of Interest
South Africa Tourism
South Africa Tourist Destinations for this holiday vacations
South America Attractive Cities
South America Points of Interest
South America Travel Destinations
South American Exotic Destinations
South American Tourism Spots
South American Travelling Countries
Spain Attractions
Spain Points of Interest
Spain Tourism Guide
Spain Travel Guidance
Sweden an Amazing Travel Destination For Adventure
Sweden Attractions
Sweden Points of Interest
Sweden Tour Guide
Sweden Tourist Destinations
Sweden Travel Trip
taste of Brazil
Thailand Festivals
Thailand Festivals Guide
Thailand Points of Interest
Thailand Tourism
Thailand Tourism Guide
Thailand Travel Guide
Top 10 best travel places in Singapore
Tour to Monaco these holidays
Tourist Destinations For Travel To Cyprus
Tourist Destinations For Travel To South Africa
Tourist Spots of NewZealand
Tourists Spots of Argentina
travel places in Australia
travel places in China
travel to argentina
Travel To Australia for festivals
Travel To Cyprus
travel to france
travel to italy
Travel to Malaysia
Travel To South Africa
Travel to Sweden to Get Stress Free
trip to france
trip to romania
Trip to Thailand Festivals
UAE Hotels
United Arab Empirates
USA Attractions
USA Best Holidays Attractions For Travel Plan
USA Guide
USA Origins
USA Points of Interest
USA Tourism Guide
USA Tourism Tips
USA Travel Destinations for this Vacation
USA Vacations for Travel Plan
Venice Attractions
Venice Points of Interest
Venice Tourism Guide
Venice Travel Guidance
Venice Wonderful Travel Destination

The above listed travel keywords are different and the associated links with each keyword is also different but, maximum similar keywords has same link. It is the way to optimize different travel keywords in SERP and drive more traffic to your site. For more further details regarding keywords, you can explore Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools and also other search engines webmaster tools. Tools can help your website by letting you know which keywords are performing well and how much impressions along with clicks they are getting each day.
In final words, SEO is getting harder day by day but, still you can get millions of traffic easily. All you need is to focus on optimization of different travel keywords with on-page and off-page techniques. If you have any query regarding this content then, please contact me without any hesitation through contact us page.

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