Artificial Intelligence Is Tracking Corona Virus Outbreak

Posted by wayo man on February 9th, 2020

Artificial Intelligence Is Tracking Corona Virus Outbreak

Artificial Intelligence Is Tracking Corona Virus Outbreak

Artificial Intelligence Is Tracking Corona Virus Outbreak: The new virus started in Wuhan, China and immediately became a triggering World Health Issue. How contagious and deadly the virus is, is still yet to be seen. The infection and death continues to grow fast, thus the need for the intervention of AI.

We are moving to surveillance efforts in the US,” “We’re trying to understand what’s happening in the population at large” Brownstein said

The rate of infection and death has reduced in recent past, from 3900 to 3700 on Wednesday and 3200 on Friday. However, we are yet uncertain if it is actually reducing or the symptoms are getting harder to spot.

The US has placed travel ban on China to reduce the risk of increased infection and possibly death. Even though many have opposed this decision, it seemed to be for the greater good.

According to Vespignani, if the virus spreads more in the US, then it would be easier to monitor using machine based techniques.

Another group of researchers from Tencent, have suggested that the ban by the Chinese government against traveling has helped in slowing the spread of the virus long enough for them to find and apply countermeasures to tackling the issue.

Tracking of individuals using their smartphones as a means to monitor them is achievable. However, Tatem insists that is not the major concern as it is not enough to find out how wide and far the virus has traveled. He stated that his major concern lies with countries that are not equipped to handle the invasion of the virus.

He says the world is asking if the disease can be contained in China and the answer to that, he would like to find as well

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