Life After Divorce: 6 Tips on How to Win Child Custody Battle

Posted by Audrey E. Kolb on February 9th, 2020

Unfortunately, not all marriages work and even if you parted agreeably with your ex-spouse, you may find that it is important to hire a divorce lawyer Taunton MA especially when child custody is being negotiated. You would want a clear agreement with your ex-spouse regarding your children's’ welfare. Working with a child custody lawyer Taunton MA is essential if you want to win the battle.

Show Willingness

While hostility might be your first emotion fresh out of a divorce and playing tug-of-war with your spouse for the kids, the court never favors a seemingly emotional parent who can’t keep his or her head straight. The children come first before your personal feelings. Present yourself as the calm, willing partner, who is trying to understand the situation and whose main concern is the welfare of the children. These scores plus points with the judges.

Parental rights

You should familiarize yourself with the family law. Know your rights as a parent especially when it comes to visitations. Don’t be late for visitations and never postpone your schedule with your child for another week if you can help it. Regular time spent with your children shows that you are capable of fulfilling your role as a parent, and you are willing to pull all strings just to make things are normal as possible for them despite your divorce.

In-home custody evaluation

Some divorced parents who are fighting for custody usually get frightened when presented with the idea of an in-home custody evaluation. This could work to your advantage especially if your ex tends to badmouth you. This will at least put things in the right perspective. The court gets to see how your home really is. Don’t worry too much about making things too perfect although making sure your home looks child-friendly will certainly help. Try to get rid of any materials which could incriminate you in the slightest.

Be careful who you badmouth

When it comes to negative comments about your ex, never talk about it in front of your kids. If you really need to vent, you should do so with a friend you can trust. Someone who will surely not let your ex hear it too. Once your ex knows you have negative comments about him, he might think that black propaganda is your strategy. He could bite back and badmouth you in court or during an assessment.

Keep documents

During moments when you feel like the presence of your ex could put your child or children in danger, keep documents. The court will need proof. Badmouthing per se might affect their perception of your ex for a while should while to help you gain leverage in the battle. However, if you can’t prove your statements, these can be seen as lies and would work against your favor.

Follow the court

Aside from the obvious, which is not putting yourself in trouble by abusing substances like alcohol or drugs, and showing any erratic behavior which could make you look like a very bad parent, you must follow whatever the court suggests you do. There are no perfect parents. If the court thinks you need to go through counseling, do so, even if it hinders your night with friends. Show them that you are willing to improve yourself just so you could be considered a fit parent for your children.

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