The Significance of Environmental Graphics

Posted by Heritage Signs & Displays on February 10th, 2020

Environmental graphics are a special type of design that embraces multiple designs disciplines. It usually involves landscape architecture, industrial designing architecture, graphics design, and architecture, etc. Not theoretical, but practitioners in this field usually practice the visible aspects of information design, communicating identity and brands, description of a place, and many more. Some solid examples of environmental graphics are information designing like information designing at donor recognition programs and memorial programs, retail designs, entertainment environments, interpretive and exhibit designs, wayfinding consulting and designing of sign programs, etc. Environment graphics are basically of three different types which are mentioned below.


It is usually considered a conceptual approach. In this type, the designing of the site\'s images is done. Unlike other types, focus on communicating information is lesser, and focus on interior designing, architecture, and site branding is more.


There is a huge difference between the place making the interpretation environmental graphics. In the interpretation type, a story is communicated through a theme or an idea. Most commonly, this type is being used on the exhibit designs such as historical sites. This helps in making a good impact on people’s lives

Signage and wayfinding:

As the name suggests, it helps in communicating the navigational information and site information with the viewer. Signage acts as branding for a particular site. It basically helps the people in finding out the way. Some of the examples of signage and wayfinding are traffic signs, pictograms on packages, road signs, etc.

Apart from it, environmental graphics in Washington DC also help us in various ways. In not only commercial life, but it helps us in our daily lives also.

  • The environmental graphics help people to have smooth movements in society. Not only the vehicle movers but also the pedestrians can also move easily with the help of signs and wayfinding. They do not have to ask for the way from any other person. Imagine, you are on an unknown road and you do not have any signage and wayfinding graphics on the road. How you will reach or even find your way. So, it is an important thing, especially on the roads.
  • Have you ever seen pictograms on the packages? It is most commonly found on hazardous products such as chemicals etc. In simple words, it helps in keeping yourself safe from the hazards and dangers of harmful products. Therefore, with the help of signage, we can reduce the threat to our lives.
  • Have you ever seen package symbols on the packages? These package symbols help in easy and careful handling of the products. You must have seen the packages with the package signs of careful handling. These Custom Signs help in easy and careful handling and keeping the products safe from any sort of damage.

No matter what you choose, if you want them for you, you should get the services from the right place only. Having it from the wrong place will definitely not serve the purpose of signage.

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