Introduction to MySql

Posted by Sajan Agrawal on February 10th, 2020

Introduction to MySQL

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One of the numerous important aspects for the smooth functioning of a website or a web app is the strength of its database. How well the DB handles critical high volume traffic, is there a data recovery mechanism in case of system failures, advanced functionalities etc are some of the parameters that define the working of a DB.

Our previous blog introduced the non-relational DBMS MongoDB. In this article, we will have an introduction to MySQL database (an RDBMS) and go through its architecture and various features that make it the best choice, with regards to developing web apps or websites.

Introduction to MySQL - Architecture

-MySQL, initially developed by MySQL AB, now backed by Oracle, is a relational database management system (RDBMS), based on the client-server model.

Introduction to MySQL architecture

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-Data is distributed across, in a tabular form (in different tables) using rows and columns. Tables are connected to each other via joins (relations).

-SQL (Structured Query Language) is used as a mode of communication between the client and the server. All advanced functions of the SQL, like triggers, stored procedures etc can be used as part of querying.

-It is an open source DB, written in C and C++, but uses SQL as the language to communicate within the DB.

-MySQL is a multi-platform DB that can run on various operating systems like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac etc.

-MySQL supports various data types namely Character-string, Numeric, Bit-string, Date & Time, Boolean and Timestamp.

-MySQL is the most widely used DB, along with PHP, to build websites and popular examples of them include Facebook, WordPress, Drupal etc. It is also compatible with other programming languages like Ruby, Python, Perl etc.

Introduction to MySQL - Features

Developers are swearing by MySQL because of its wide range of features and benefits and are giving their systems, an introduction to MySQL, by migrating from previous DB to MySQL.


As mentioned above, performance of a DB, while maintaining an enormous amount of data, is a significant parameter it is judged upon. MySQL provides high performance in such critical situations without compromising on data, since it stores data on multiple engines like InnoDB, ISAM, CSV etc. It offers faster loading because of its memory caching and indexing methodologies.

-High Availability and Throughput

One of the major advantages of MySQL is the availability of the MySQL cluster servers, that facilitate auto-sharding, wherein data is distributed across several servers. By this way, data is well-balanced, and therefore always accessible even during high traffic situations.

In the event of any crash or system failure, data can be replicated onto secondary servers from the primary servers, thereby providing instant backup and recovery.

-Compliance to ACID

MySQL is fully compliant to ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) which means it guarantees reliable transaction processing and data accuracy even during adverse circumstances.

-Leveraging SQL functionality

Having SQL as its primary language for database interaction, MySQL supports the use of advanced SQL components like views, stored procedures, triggers, functions etc for enhanced application development. Perhaps, this is one of the most powerful features of MySQL.


MySQL provides robust security mechanisms like user account authorization, password encryptions etc which make it the most secure and reliable RDBMS.

Introduction to MySQL - Summary

Below survey shows the most popular databases in 2018.

Introduction to MySQL survey

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Introduction to MySQL has given developers a new horizon to explore and gain advanced expertise in RDBMS functionalities. MySQL displays a broad array of attributes and powerful data storage mechanisms, which has brought it to the numero uno position in the world of RDBMS. With industry giants like Facebook and YouTube backing it and incorporating it as their DB, MySQL is here to stay and slay!

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