Sit'n'Go Hold'em Tournament Drawing Analogy

Posted by fareed shakir on February 10th, 2020

When you're up against a hardcore decision about whether to chase a draw in a sit n go hold'em tournament, consider this following coca cola lucky draw 2020 analogy. It will enable you to better understand the options and their consequences.

Everyone, I suppose, is knowledgeable about the overall game of Russian Roulette. We uses its game principles to simply help illuminate our analogy. The game is simple. Insert a number of bullets in to the empty chambers of a revolver. Place barrel to head. Pull trigger. If you are lucky, you'll survive. If not, you're dead. Your possibility of luckiness is determined by the number of empty chambers compared to the quantity of live chambers.

Now, imagine the chambers of the revolver to be always a deck of cards. But, now the similarity ends. You can find 52 chambers, and the empty chambers retain the demons that can kill your tournament life. You can find a lot more empty chambers than you will find live chambers, usually around 3-to-4 times as many. The live chambers contain your out cards.

So, can you pull the trigger and chase the draw or not? Maybe you'd if the worst case would only be considered a treatable flesh wound to your stack. Or you likely would not, if the consequence was certain tournament death.

And, there could be other considerations. What if you held a chip lead, and really were under no pressure to take any risks? Or, imagine if you were a desperate short stack, and tournament life just was not worth living until you could scrape together a nest egg? If desperate, then you definitely likely would chase the draw regardless of how many or how few chambers held your out cards.

Your choice about whether to play the overall game (chase the draw) then, might be influenced by factors independent of your possibility of luckiness. Put simply, if you were enjoying your tournament life, you'd be less inclined to gamble with your life. And, if you were just surviving from meal to another location, you would be more inclined to gamble for a much better life.

But, even if you were a shrewd player who considered such matters as outs, odds, probability, and profitability, and were still ready to take the gamble, there's another twist. When you play the drawing game, you will find two sets of rules. You can find the virtual rules, of that you are aware and must accept. And, you will find the specific rules. The specific rules aren't published. They are kept secret. And, they change randomly from game to game. The specific rules determine which ones of your out cards is going to be chambered. Oftentimes, several, perhaps all your out cards is going to be omitted, however you will not be familiar with this dramatic probability shift. You need to play ignorant of the specific odds against you.

The moral? Well, you simply have one tournament life to live. When it is worth living, then don't gamble with it on a draw. The odds are usually against you, and probably worse than you think. If, on one other hand, yours is just a crummy life, hardly worth living. Then, take the gamble. You will either end your misery, or hopefully move into a mansion.

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