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You have your man cavern, isn't that so? It's ideal? Not without a putting green. By what other method would you say you will vanish for quite a long time without a reason?

No man cavern? We feel you. Not every person can guarantee responsibility for individual haven, yet that doesn't mean you can't live the fantasy with our own in-house putting green.

To limit our quest for the best versatile indoor putting green, we chose a couple of essential necessities:

# 0 or less

# A genuine opening for the ball to drop into

# Putts of at any rate' at least 6 long

# Genuine/straight move (surface can be leveled)

# Useful for both right and left gave players

# Two putting greens met the entirety of the necessities: the Tour Links PuttMaster and the Provoto Advantage.

In spite of the fact that our two decisions are comparable in plan, there are some key contrasts between the two.



Understanding that we as a whole don't have a space to devote to a changeless putting green in, the Provoto Advantage gives an answer that not just offers a little impression when being used, it likewise creases down the middle into a standing position that takes into consideration stockpiling in a corner or storage room with negligible exertion.

The Provoto not just meets the entirety of our prerequisites; the green incorporates a laser for arrangement, a RoboCup for ball return, and is situated in such a way (slanted) that even missed putts are returned.

Two handles are utilized to modify feet all over to level the unit (a level is given your pack), and re-leveling subsequent to putting away the green is a no brainer. Similar handles can likewise be utilized to make breaking putts.

The Provoto Advantage utilizes billiard texture for a quick and genuine roll, so you can concentrate on line and speed with a stimp of 11-12.

The green estimates 8'x14″ and incorporates a different foot remain to guarantee you are standing level with the putting surface. Additionally remembered for our pack was a laser that sits at the rear of the green close to the cup (this laser is utilized to give you a line for pointing and to guarantee you are rolling your ball on line)

Cup reducers are incorporated for those searching for more test. The reducers give sizes of 3″ and 2″ and effectively drop in (the robot cup despite everything works with the reducers set up).

Provoto offers greens in either 8′ or 10′ lengths.


Effortlessly put away.

Insignificant impression.

Returns each putt back to your feet.

Laser gives certainty that you are putting on line.


Starting gathering/arrangement may appear to be a bit of overpowering (it's truly not).

On tall rug, remaining on the foot stand may give a somewhat temperamental feel (negligible, yet important).

While the putting green is strong, it's sufficiently sensitive that I want to take care of the green when I know my 15-month-old will be searching for "new toys" around the house.




Based on a rough plastic base, the PuttMaster is prepared to deal with any maltreatment you may toss at it.

Straightforward is the game here – the Tour Links green moves level, which leaves all putts sitting at the opposite finish of the green. Some will contend this is a bit of leeway as it drives you to take a break each couple of putts and afterward get into your putting position/arrangement once more.

The weight of the green methods it's more of a lasting introduce. It is anything but a milestone occasion to dismantle it and move it, however it's not intended for simple vehicle.

Given the strong base, you can set this green up on most any surface – simply include a few shims for leveling.

The putting surface is a fake turf that moves genuine and has a stimp of 10.5. Remembered for the pack is a "stroke groover square" which plans to assist you with estimating your stroke for consistency. There is additionally a cup reducer to make a littler gap/target, and an arrangement string with mounts for the two parts of the bargains are incorporated to assist you with checking whether your ball is on-line or in case you're even pointed/adjusted effectively to begin.

Gracious, and a banner – in light of the fact that each green needs a banner to pull out before you begin putting (however I think the motivation behind the banner is with the goal that you don't need to twist right over to recover your balls).

Visit Links PuttMaster is offered in 7′, 9′ and 13′ lengths.


Bomb-evidence development.

Changeless inclination once arrangement.

Rounds out a man cavern without altogether dominating.


No ball return (could buy a RoboCup all alone).

Takes up a fair measure of room.

Not effectively put away in the event that you need the space back.


With recompenses for potential arrangement contrasts, the Provoto Advantage and Tour Links PuttMaster are comparatively estimated. We speculate you'll be totally happy with either. Those searching for a semi-perpetual installation, or searching at the most reduced cost on a quality choice, may lean towards the heavier and by and large more emphatically constructed Tour Links.

Generally speaking we give a slight edge to the Provoto Advantage, and that depends entirely on highlights like its laser arrangement framework and crease up capacity; the last making it somewhat simpler to stow it away when essential.

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