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Posted by GetBackYourPrivacy on February 10th, 2020

Do you have large-sized graphics files or even photo files? Do you need to send them to your office members, friends or somebody else? It is not possible to send them through email. Then which method you will use. Surely, you need some good way despite the file to send your file.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Earlier, it is one of the popular systems of sending large graphics without making use of the using email system. It is basically a networking system that includes thousands of interconnected PC which will let you to share the large files in the middle of the different computers.

The FTP system is not that simple as the email system. In both receiver and sender have to fix some focused software. Here, one can counterpart some security trouble which is not available in the email system. The files are sending and uploaded in simple language and form so there is no agreement of encryption protocol. It can result in sharing the security which is not made for sharing. Therefore, there is a high chance for the PC hacking. Here the computers are unified and anybody can take the control of your PC by getting familiar with the password or even breaking the password.

Make use of the DasDex® Mail

You can transfer the big files with encryption. It is better to send up to 25 files of 50 GB each via laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is a good way to send large files quickly. All the files will be protected and encrypted. It allows you to transfer up to 50 recipients within a single time. It is perfect for all platforms and DasDex® assists all main operating systems as well as mobile devices. It is a friendly browse for all popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera among others.

Prime Focus on the Security

Here, with DasDex® Mail File Transfer application, all the files will be encrypted and protected. You can download the unique key and send it in each transmission. It makes sure of the SSL configuration. Here the popular attacks are PFS, blocked, and used by HSTS. It makes sure for the amazing two-way communication and you can download files with the help of the key sent in email or in SMS. You can contact GetBackYourPrivacy to find out more information and details.

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