What you need to know about HVAC equipment and how they work?

Posted by CB_Sales on February 10th, 2020

HVAC system denotes heating, ventilation and air-conditioning and these are the functions of this cooling and heating system. This mechanically engineered system is basically designed to have control over the atmospheric conditions prevailing in your work or living space. The wholesale HVAC equipment is mainly required to keep the HVAC systems working non-stop.

Primary functions of a HVAC system

An HVAC system is designed to control the environment in which it works. it controls cooling and heating and also the relative humidity to give respite from intense heat. Besides this, the system also keeps the air in your rooms clean and provides you with an environment where you breathe with freedom without any apprehension. The system also ensures cleanliness of air inside the said environment.

Availability of the HVAC systems

3 main types of HVAC systems are available and they would include:

  •          Window and Split AC systems
  •          Packaged Air Conditioning & Heating System
  •          Centrally controlled  AC System

How the system works?

Not all HVAC systems are same as some of them are quicker while some are designed to serve larger space. Depending on the situations these HVAC systems can highly effective. Here is how these systems work:

Split and Window System

  •          Window system blow air over coils and it improves how heat is separated from air and made to cool. Heat is dispersed outside while cool air is blown into the room.
  •          Split system consists of two units belonging to indoor and outdoor where hot air from outside is blown over a cool coil to distribute cool air inside rooms. These systems use ducting system to distribute air to different rooms in a building.

Packaged air conditioning systems :

These are all-in-one benefit as they come with both heating and cooling equipment in a single package. The system can be placed on rooftop in mechanical rooms and somewhere near to the conditioning pace. Dissimilar to split systems, the package system has both cold and hot units clubbed together. All components required are assembled in to one unit.

Centrally Controlled AC Systems :

Most residential buildings have air-conditioning systems which are in the form of split systems but they are simply bigger. They have everything that a mini split system has including the ducting structure only it is done in a bigger scale. The system addresses the need of large demand in a building, office, or commercial establishment and packs everything in one unit that is placed outside of the building. AC parts distributors play significant role in keeping them running as they supply parts when the air-conditioning units experience breakdowns.

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