What Types of Techniques Used By The Physiotherapist?

Posted by preeti on February 10th, 2020

In this fast pacing world, we ignore our health just to chase our dreams, as a result, we get suffered from various physio problems such as neurological disorders, chronic joint problems, sprains, strains, and ligament etc. While on the other hand, sometimes we got injuries in accidents. There is no permanent solution in this medical world, while physiotherapies can help you at the huge extent and can recover you from the problem. Physio problems produce unbearable pain in which the muscles got stiffed and unmovable as a result patients can’t do anything on their own.

However, if you or any of your family members is suffering from any physio problems then you should get the help of physio in Marrickville road. In the neurological problems, physiotherapists can play a huge role to overcome the problem and recover the health with the practice of small therapeutic exercises. But all you need to do is to stay under the guidance of your physiotherapist.

Neurological problems occur when you get severe injuries in your spinal cord and the connection of your brain and spinal cord get damaged as a result your brain doesn’t receive proper indications from your body parts. And your body doesn’t work normally. To make the tissues stronger and strengthen your physiotherapist can help you a lot in various ways. After testing the problem deeply, the physiotherapist will decide which type of treatment will work properly on your problem while the practitioner will apply multiple therapies if the case of a chronic problem. The sessions of therapies will also be decided by your therapist.

Let’s discuss what kinds of therapies are applied by the therapist to cure the different physio problems:

Hands-on-physio Therapy:Your Physio in Marrickville road can be trained to provide treatment with his hands to cure the problems included joint Mobilisation, Joint manipulation, and minimal energy techniques, muscle stretching, neurodynamics, massage and soft tissue techniques, physiotherapy instrument mobilisation etc.

Physiotherapy Taping Treatments:To cure the backache and other injuries your physiotherapist can apply taping treatment to get control over the stretched muscles. With this technique, your muscles get stronger and sturdy. The taping treatment can take several days to cure the injury.

Acupuncture and Dry Needling:Your therapist is trained to provide treatment to cure some particular physio conditions with the help of acupuncture and dry needling treatment. With this treatment can cure the muscle function and give you instant relief from the chronic pain.

Physiotherapy Exercises:by utilizing yoga, pilates, and other physical exercises, your physiotherapist can cure several physio problems. With regular practice of correct exercise problems, you will get relief from the chronic injuries to enjoy your normal life.

Sports Physiotherapies:When sportsman gets injured in the ground during playing a game is called sports injuries and these injuries can be included as wrist cuff rotation, fractures, knee injuries, strains, sprains, Achilles tendon rupture etc. your physio in Marrickville road can have extra level of skill to assist in recovery of such injuries.


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