Essential and Useful Tips to Perform Hajj

Posted by Ady on February 10th, 2020

Hajj is an annual pilgrimage for Muslims; obligatory for every financially able, Mentally and Physically fit person. On average, hajj gets performed by almost 3-4 million pilgrims every year. However, projects are underway for the expansion of capacity. Since a very large number of pilgrims are travelling, organized planning is essential to make the Hajj trip safe and efficient for everyone. Let it be umrah UK packages or Hajj package, Haram is always filled with a sea of pilgrims. So, safety also becomes a necessity.

Here are the essential and useful tips to perform Hajj.

Prepare yourself.

Preparing yourself for the hajj pilgrimage is very important. Let it be in mental, physical or educational terms – everything is essential. Therefore, seek guidance from a Hajji or consult a credible travel agent. Get knowledgeable advice on Hajj rituals. Develop a mindset and a travel itinerary for yourself. Since you also have to walk long distances and stay in different sites as part of Hajj rituals, get yourself used to it. For which, start exercising. Especially add running/walking in your daily workout routine. Switch to a healthy diet and avoid as much junk food as you can.

Be Mindful of the Weather Changes.

The weather Is typically hot in Saudia Arabia as it lies in a desert region. Where intense heat can be felt during the day, nights can be pretty chilly. So, carry clothes that are suitable for such weather conditions. Don’t compromise on your hydration and diet. Carry Umbrellas. For a safer and healthy experience, always carry some instant energy drinks, vitamin C or glucose supplements with you.

Receive proper Vaccination and Travel with your medications.

Before your departure to the kingdom, it’s necessary to take proper vaccinations. Not only it’s a legal obligation but it also guarantees safety for everyone. So, it’s better to consult your doctor and know about your medical conditions. So that you can remain mindful of the precautions to take. Furthermore, always have some precautionary medicines with you for common flu, fever, cough, stomach-ache, headache, and things like that.

Pack in an organized yet efficient way.

Try to travel with a minimum amount of travel supplies. Only take a few sets of clothing and Ihram, a couple of pairs of comfortable footwear, some snacks, essential toiletries, and daily-use electronics. Even if you forget something, you can easily buy it there as well.

Always carry your Travel essentials.

It’s an intelligent move to travel with all your documents, everywhere you go. Let it be your IDs, Passport, Visa, Hotel Address, Flight Information or Medical certificates. Because in an emergency one can easily contact relevant authorities/family to prevent unfortunate incidents.

So, if you are travelling for hajj or even umrah through your umrah package 2020 Ramadan, always consider these life-saving tips for a comfy travel experience!

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