Automation the name of a successful business today!

Posted by Process Control and Engineering on February 11th, 2020

Any business big or small; has to at some level adopt automation in their business to become successful and prosperous.

What is automation?

Automation is the process of using machine based artificial intelligence to run your business or factory. The role of humans reduces significantly in automation, helping negate errors caused due to human miscalculations. This in turn leads to an overall improvement in the daily running of your production line leading to better results and enhanced output of your units.

How can one automate in their work?

If you are looking to set up a new manufacturing or water or steel or chemical or solar plant or already have any of these existing plants, then you would definitely want to automate the unit to reap maximum benefits out of it. For this, you can approach companies that specialize in providing end-to-end solutions when it comes to automating a plant.

Understanding your needs and requirements they will not only help design the control panel design, they will also help customize and build the control panels in house as well as help in setting up allen bradley PLC programming and motion control system.

What is PLC programming?

PLC means a programmable logic controller. This is basically a digital computer specifically made for industrial purposes. It is meant to control various production processes where chances of fault whether in terms of design or production are high. All your assembly lines, robotic devices, other functions which require high precision in execution are controlled through PLC programming.

The main purpose of using PLC is to negate human errors in the production processes as well as replace timers, sequencers and hard wired relays which were prone to malfunctioning leading to delays.

How does one choose a good company to help them automate?

If you are out looking for a company to help you automate your business, then you will not be short of options. But whether they are right for your business or not is something to be seen. A few things to keep in mind when zeroing down on a company to help set up your business are as follows:

  • They provide end to end solutions: From understanding your requirement to conceptualization of products and services required for producing and manufacturing of parts needed and, from installation to providing after sales support; a single vendor can provide all these services.
  • Skilled staff: They should have experienced, qualified technicians, engineers and field personnel on board, who can assist at any point in case of a problem.
  • Training: the Company after installing all the hardware and software systems should train your staff to use the machines and programs efficiently.

Companies like Process Control & Engineering not only ace in providing end to end solutions but they also have tied up with multiple companies providing PLC programming to use the program that best suits your business requirement. This tie up also enables them to stay ahead of other providers in terms of technology and providing constant back end support to their customers.

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