Top 5 Tips for Successful Pre-Press Printing

Posted by alice hall on February 11th, 2020

There are many printing presses organization in Mumbai, We will always try to choose the best printing press, All will tell their specialities, but the eastern press is the best Printing press in Mumbai that deals in all types of printing services.

The main objective of the eastern press is that they work on the latest technologies that drive Eastern printing press at the time of its inception, it is the vision to provide the infomediary delivery expanded print media choices to the customer along with the high level of efficiency & customer satisfaction.

We will talk about the tips for the successful Pre-Press Printing in this article. For successful printing, pre-press files play an important role, if this file is not prepared properly, there will always be delays in the results like output is not up to the mark in the printing process, & etc. Pre-press files are provided by the clients to the printer, the liability is to provide the right file for printing to the printer. Printing press organization do it with full dedication work as we did not mention that the client does not provide the pre-press material not good but putting a little effort from our side can bring you the best results for the clients & help us to get big clients. We have to do designing for web, designs look clear, there is a chance that your colors and images may turn out differently if you incorrectly set your files for printing. Nowadays most issues can be easily solved

The 5 of the best pre-press strategies are:

  1. You have to select the right software as required:

The first step is to create the pre-press files with the appropriate software. You can use like Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, CorelDraw & etc. Never use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to do a pre-press file for the professional printing marketing materials like catalogues, brochures or direct mail as it will end you & your organization in the huge disaster.

  1. You have to send your printer appropriate file type as required:

Company has requirements according to the file type you use it for printing. Whereas there are some printers which ask for the high-resolution PDF file, there are some which prefer the file type in the original Illustrator or InDesign file, and rest of them may want some other file type. It is suggested to talk to your printer every time before starting any job for printing.

  1. You have to consider the printing limitations also

Every printing company equipment may vary, so it is not necessary that every large and small printing can print the given project, especially if your project has solid colour areas. You will have to contact to well-equipped firms which can handle the project carefully & give you the best results as they are having machines for fifth or sixth colour.

  1. You have to highlight the text part

For avoiding the font-related issue, it is advised to highlight the text part in the pre-press file. Usually, fonts do not appear to be of any issue while working on any project, it sometimes creates trouble in the printing when it does not yield correct font in the printed project. By highlighting the text part in the pre-press file, you will eliminate the need for an additional font file.

  1. You must convert RGB image files to CMYK file.

Printing companies mostly complain about receiving support files such as photographs are in RGB format, If you too are doing the same you will be delaying your job and adding some more cost into your bill because of any file which is in RGB format, it has to be converted into CMYK format before printing. Since the process consumes more time and effort, companies charge extra for this.

These are the five pieces of advice will help you to easily navigate the print world.

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