Buying Tips For a Best Microwave Oven In India

Posted by Bestvindia on February 11th, 2020

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There was a time when people were reluctant to buy microwave ovens. The main reason was that the general perception that cooking food in the microwave oven was not a healthy practice. Another reason is the apprehension about possible radiation that may cause health hazards. But in the course of time there came a change in the consumer attitude toward this modern device. More and more home makers are progressively using the appliance as a secondary means for cooking along with other gadgets. Now the device is widely used for reheating, defrosting etc. It is also used for cooking, baking, roasting and grilling. This fast and efficient process offered by microwave ovens is the core advantage for people leading hectic lifestyles. Before buying  Kitchen & Home Appliances check reviews on BESTVINDIA.
Large number of consumers prefer the compact and portable model which can be accommodated on the kitchen worktop. Portable models are cheaper and suitable for small kitchens where space is limited. Such small models can be used for reheating or defrosting but they may be inadequate for full fledged cooking. Those who use microwaves for all types of cooking have to choose large sizes with special features. Generally microwave ovens are of three types namely basic, grill and convection. Basic model is the portable one about which it is mentioned already. Grill model is larger in size featured with facilities for browning and baking apart from the basic usage. Convection type is the most sophisticated one. Such microwave oven is equipped with heating element and fan which help to spread the heat evenly within the oven. This is the most efficient among all different types of ovens.
Different sizes of microwaves are available today. Substantial changes have taken place both in the form and content of this device since its inception, thanks to the evolving technology. Sophisticated models have replaced the old and crude types. Innovative features like touch pad controls, programming and memory are incorporated in the new models. Instead of manual controls they are now completely automatic. Modern users are bestowed with facilities to programme the device in advance. Cooking or any other type of processing can be commenced at predetermined time in the absence of the user to monitor it. Recipes can be stored in the memory and food stuff for cooking are to be kept ready in the oven. At the predetermined time the oven will commence cooking. After finishing the cooking process the oven will be switched off automatically. Convenience is the watchword of modern microwave ovens.
As a special type device working on the basis of a unique technology, there are certain precautions to be taken by the users. Cookwares used in the ovens are categorized as 'Microwave friendly' or 'Microwave safe'. Other types of dishes or containers will not withstand the sudden spurt of heat generated in the device within seconds. Round and oval shaped dishes without sharp corners are more suitable for microwave cooking. Many new models with innovative inverter technology have been introduced in the market. The new technology facilitates faster cooking by distributing the heat evenly. Ovens with higher wattage are more efficient and faster than those with less wattage, but then the former will be expensive.

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