Water curtain movie

Posted by zemesangel on February 11th, 2020

Water curtain movie - Water curtain film is through the high-pressure pump and special water curtain generator, the water from the bottom up, high-speed ejection, atomization after the formation of a fan-shaped “screen”, by the special projector will be special video projection on the “screen”, the formation of a water curtain film.

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Our factory was founded in 1984, is the first in the southwest to create an art fountain professional manufacturers, the establishment of an elite team, sensational last century art fountain dance. Opened the door of the art landscape, is a famous show, by the community and literati of all ages. Company to Music Fountain, program-controlled fountain, floating fountain, stage fountain, air explosion, early spray, frequency conversion running spring, mobile fountain, water curtain film, laser water curtain film, water screen movie rental, hundred meters high spray and other design, production, installation engineering as the leader, and blending gardens, sculptures, rockery and other comprehensive landscape design, manufacturing, installation manufacturers. The company will always be “market-oriented.” To the quality of survival. To manage and seek benefits. Take the price as the advantage. Quality first, service-oriented “business philosophy, to” scientific and technological innovation. Excellence “for the quality of the goal, dedication to customers quality engineering my company is a special honor” outstanding excellent “enterprise title. 91, 93 Spring Festival Gala Studio Waterscape Fountain a CCTV designated manufacturers. 2000 Guizhou Spring Festival Gala “cross-century spring a jasmine fountain flower deduction”, the world’s top 500 Chinese merchants, outstanding representatives of the Chinese nation’s eminent persons. With the trend made in China, we sweep the ‘ Art Fountain culture brand. Famous vertically on the stage of the world. Active in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia to establish a multinational trade strategy partners. Reach the Japanese place to go out, international success Stories Representative: Hanoi, Vietnam “Immortal, Masterpiece Pleasure Fountain”: Malaysia again Lake a dream butterfly spring: Shartabti. “National music event a rose fountain in the desert”: Tajikistan Dushanbe “presidential Art Palace Meeting Water Show”: Chengdu New Century Global Center theme “Flowers Open exhibition an eternal memory” and so on. The fountain created by the enterprise is picturesque, praised by all walks of life at home and abroad in recent years, the society in the interpretation of a new journey, magnificent, just to show the Chinese dream. And the arrival of a new trend of thought, the company will be “high-tech innovation, the new Silk Road” as. Overall development route policy, enhance international status. Enterprise in the future to create a new international and domestic platform, in the belt along the road to pursue the truth, create the spark of the soul, precise positioning, stride towards a new process.

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