5 Great Reasons to Give Your Friend a “Just Because” Gift

Posted by TOOT on February 11th, 2020

Who doesn’t love getting gifts? You know the biggest problem? We only get gifts for birthdays, holidays, and a few other times during the year. For both giftees and gifters, that’s not nearly often enough! Giving gifts is a love language, and you gotta express it whenever you can. So, if you are looking for reasons to give your best bud a gift, here are a few times when a random gift is most definitely appreciated.

They Just Got a Promotion

It doesn’t matter what you do for work—a promotion is a huge deal. It’s also the perfect giftable occasion! With a new role at their work, your bestie definitely needs an upgrade to help them do their very best and crush it. If they work in an office, you should look into getting them a colorful desk set. The best desk sets will have everything they need to look like a boss, work like a boss, and feel like one too, complete with a matching stapler and tape dispenser.

They Had a Tough Week

All weeks are technically the same length, but it feels like some weeks just drag and never end. Combine that with work stress, and they’re definitely in need of a little pick me up. Gift them something you know they love like a happy hour date or a box of their favorite chocolates. Your gift could be that reward they needed to know that all their work is worth it, and they have you in their corner rooting them on the whole time.

They Moved Into a New Place

Moving is always exciting, no matter the occasion. Sure, lugging boxes around sucks, but once they’re all settled in, they’re going to be so excited to start their new chapter. You know what this calls for? The perfect housewarming gift! You have so many options, but you should look into some art prints that will make their house (or studio apartment) feel like a home. Or, you could opt for some fancy cocktail glasses for their fancy parties or weeknight binging their fave shows.

They Hit a Big Milestone

We all have different milestones in life worth celebrating. Maybe they finally pulled the trigger and signed up for a half marathon. Or maybe they got the courage to ask for a raise at work. Whatever it is, celebrate it with a gift! Big moments and announcements tend to happen out of the blue, and we’re at that age where our buds start having families and all that, so it doesn’t hurt to have baby cards on hand just in case.

They Never Stop Being Awesome

Sometimes the best gifts are the “just because” gifts. You don’t need a reason to gift something to your bestie, and it’s an awesome surprise that’ll cement you as the number-one friend if you aren’t already (sorry number two, try again next time).

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