What Is The Use Of Xps Insulation Board Foaming? Liquid Co2 Booster Pump!

Posted by hw on February 11th, 2020

What is XPS insulation board? XPS air-conditioning insulation board is an extruded polystyrene insulation board. It is made of polystyrene resin and other raw materials and polymers. It is heated and mixed while injecting catalyst, and then extruded and extruded. Rigid foam plastic sheet · Its scientific name is extruded polypropylene foam (XPS), XPS has a perfect closed cell honeycomb structure, this structure makes the XPS board have very low water absorption (nearly Water absorption), low thermal conductivity, high pressure resistance, and aging resistance (almost no aging decomposition phenomenon in normal use). This XPS insulation board is often used for building roof insulation, steel structure roofing, building wall insulation, building floor moisturizing, square floor, ground frost heave control, central air conditioning ventilation ducts, etc.

One of the essential processes for the production of XPS insulation boards is “foaming”! How to do foaming? Generally divided into physical foaming and chemical foaming, and today Suncenter is here to talk about "physical foaming"! Physical foaming requires the use of a special pneumatic gas physical foaming device from Suncenter , the liquid CO2 booster pump to be described in this paper.

The XPS insulation board foaming equipment (liquid carbon dioxide booster system) provided by our company has a maximum flow rate of 400NL/min, a maximum working pressure of 500bar and a pressure adjustment error of ±2bar.

With its superior gas pressurization and control technology, Dongguan Suncenter provides the high-pressure gas physical foaming equipment necessary for the performance of the stable XPS insulation board foaming production line. The gas-assisted injection molding technology uses a high-pressure inert gas to inject into a molten plastic to form a vacuum section and push the melt forward to achieve injection, pressure holding, cooling and the like. The advantage of this gas physical foaming is the formation of thick articles, a very smooth inner surface, and a short cooling time.

After reading this article, what other equipment is there for XPS insulation board foaming? That's right, of course, the preferred Suncenter liquid carbon dioxide booster pump! If there are other proposals, you can react with Xiaobian! thank you all!

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