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Posted by JohnCarpenter on March 12th, 2012

You never know when misfortunate fire accident can take place. Therefore the need for a comprehensive fire alarm system is important. Nowadays the market is filled with all kinds of fire alarms. Whatever business you have fire alarms systems are the need of hour because it is a legal requirement to have fire assessment as per the guidelines laid down by the 2005 Fire Safety Order. This has replaced the earlier Fire Protection Certificate as one of the legal documents that was valid in various establishments till a few years back.

How Does a Fire Alarm System Works?

Let us first learn how do fire alarm systems work? Speaking about home alarm system, it is the part of total security that provides protection against burglary. This system supervises spaces, doors, windows and other areas within the premises of your home.  This provides a monitoring system that can dial through your phone to report a fire or any kind of intrusion. Through these monitoring systems the local fire department or local police will be notified about an impending problem in your home. Since they are expensive, these systems are generally found only in larger homes. The system provides 24 hours monitoring service that adds around $15-$20 monthly.

Why Fire Alarm Systems are Necessary?

 A fire alarm system consists of a central control panel to detect smoke and heat. Along with this the horns or bells are activated as triggered by the system with the help of an alarm. The sensors related to fire alarm systems like burglary systems are connected to doors and windows that help to monitor body heat. Usually the control panel operates from the power house but battery is also fitted to it that can work for 24 hours during power cuts.

Usually the basic requirement for fire alarms is same but the difference is that it provides more flexibility to locate the other alarms including the bells and horns. These can also be used to alert someone in cases of medical emergencies. Suppose a person with health problems lives all alone he or she can use this to trigger an alarm with the help of a radio transmitter in case of emergency. The signals received by the monitoring station can be identified if there is fire, burglary or medical emergency so that proper response can be provided accordingly.

Advantages of Fire Alarm Systems

The primary advantage of having fire system alarms is to increase its ability and reliability to place the bells wherever it is needed most. This is one reason why most people want to have this because they can already add fire alarm features to an already existing burglary system. Another advantage of adding this is that they can also opt for a remote monitoring system. This is important in case the family members might not be able to face a fire hazard without assistance. This means that alarms might not be sufficient enough to ensure their safety.

A special feature associated with the monitoring system is the ability to keep everyone informed. There is a computer screen attached to it, so whenever an alarm is detected due to any type of hazard, if a disabled person is there at home then the alarm can go to fire department whenever he or she needs help.

Now to install fire alarm systems in your office or home you just need to click on the links. Information on different fire alarms and their usefulness is provided by us.

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