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5 Tips to Buying Wooden Furniture That Will Help You Make a Good Decision

Posted by cityfurniture on February 11th, 2020

It’s easy to find wooden furniture at a Kamloops furniture store. Wood is a common material used in furniture-making. However, there are a plethora of wood materials used for making furniture and they differ when it comes to quality, aesthetic and price.

When shopping for wood furniture at a furniture store in Kamloops, make sure you keep the following things in mind first:

1.Identify what type of wood it is.
The type of wood will tell you more about how long it can last. Beech is one of the most common types of wood used in making furniture. It is heavy and strong, which would make the furniture made from it last for a long time. They are also resistant to shocks, so even if you accidentally drop your furniture, it won’t get damaged easily. Because of its light color and fine texture and grain, it is a more popular choice in homes that also have a light and airy feel. 

Oak is another material that you should look for. It is resistant to wear and tear and provides a good level of heft. You can get it in white or brown-grey color. There are also those that have a slight red tint to them.
Ash I another popular option. It is a kind of hardwood that is known for its flexibility, which is why it is often used in making furniture that has curves. The straight grain makes it look clean. It also comes in a light brown color.
Other popular choices these days are maple, pine, mahogany, and walnut. Know what makes these different and stay away from those made from composite wood or MDF if you want your furniture to last for a long time.

2.Stay away from those joined with glue or nail.

If you are looking for wood furniture at a Kamloops furniture store, you should find out how the boards are joined. If they are joined by either nail or glue, it’s most likely going to wear out easily. When at a furniture store in Kamloops, look for those that have quality craftsmanship. Check out if they are joined using techniques such as half-blind dovetail, tongue and groove, mitered and basic butt, half-lap or biscuit joint.

3.Think about your color scheme and lifestyle.

Each type of wood has its unique traits. That includes their color. Choose a color that works well in your home’s design and theme. 

4.Make sure it is easy to maintain.

Pick furniture that will not wear out easily and does not need special procedures to stay in good shape. It should be a breeze to maintain.

5.Check the size and weight.

Make sure it has a good weight to it but not too heavy that you will hard time carrying it, especially if you live alone. It should fit in your intended space as well.
Shop for the best wood furniture at City Furniture & Appliances LTD. Prioritize quality instead of just aesthetic so your furniture will last for a long time.
Ryan Justin is the Author of this Article.To know more about Kamloops furniture store please visit our website.

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