Three-color ice cream machine

Posted by hw on February 11th, 2020

The working principle of the three-color ice cream machine mainly consists of a raw material cylinder and its refrigeration system, a refrigeration cylinder and its refrigeration system, a stirring scraper frame, a conveying device and a control system.

Its workflow is: Raw material cylinder-Milk slurry air pump-Freezing cylinder-Scraper in freezer-Export.

Raw material cylinder of three-color ice cream machine structure: milk slurry formed by mixing and temporarily storing the raw materials of three-color ice cream machine. During operation, the operation of the refrigeration system is controlled by thermistor, and the temperature of the raw material cylinder is controlled-0. 5 ~ 6. Between 5 °c. DF experts said that the use of raw material cylinders needs to be paid attention to. 

Some ice cream shops use cheap ice cream powder in order to save costs. The ice cream made in this way not only has poor taste, and it will cause damage to the raw material cylinder. For example, DF ice cream provides franchisees with fresh milk paste as a raw material for ice cream production, which has better taste and good effect on the service life of ice cream machines.  Narrow air/milk slurry mixing pump with three-color ice cream machine structure: it is the key equipment for conveying and loading. It transports milk slurry to the freezing cylinder and its operation is controlled by a pressure switch.

Generally, air and liquid milk slurry enter the mixing zone at the same time according to their respective passages, and then enter the freezing tank through the conveying pipeline. In the refrigeration system of the raw material cylinder for storing milk pulp, the refrigerant is disposed into two ways at the drying filter m door, and one way enters the raw material cylinder evaporator through the main capillary 10, the other way enters the outer wall of the milk slurry conveying pipe and the pipe through the auxiliary capillary tube 12, exchanges the heat of the milk slurry, and pre-cools the milk slurry entering the freezing cylinder to keep its temperature at about 4℃, ensure product quality and food safety.

The freezing cylinder of the three-color ice cream machine structure: the inner surface of the ice cream machine is its working surface. After stirring, the milk pulp and air are puffed and cooled in the freezing cylinder to form a milkshake. After 7 ~ After ll minutes, when the product reaches the required viscosity, it will be scraped down by a spiral scraper and sent to the pouring outlet, and the product can be poured by pulling down the pouring handle.

The standard temperature of the product is about-7 ~-8 ° C. This standard temperature is very scientific. The mixing scraper frame of the three-color ice cream machine structure is driven by a stirring motor through a speed reducer and a transmission shaft, and is used for stirring milk pulp to fully mix milk pulp with air, the spiral scraper scrapes the small ice crystals formed on the cylinder wall at the same time and pushes the formed milkshake to the freezing door.

Three-color soft ice cream machine features

1, body material, all stainless steel shell, never rust, never fade.

2. Condenser Heat dissipation system the main material of condenser is copper tube to achieve good heat dissipation effect. The fan motor adopts an outer rotor fan motor with fast rotating speed, large air volume and good heat dissipation. The whole machine has fast heat conversion, rapid refrigeration, energy saving and energy saving.

3, ultra-quiet deceleration system professional precision high torque design, ultra-quiet deceleration system.

4. Evaporator, compressor and expander evaporator: the cylinder full liquid cooling system is adopted, which is more direct, faster and more uniform than the traditional copper tube winding. Compressor: imported Aspara compressor, exclusive high-power 2P compressor, expansion valve: imported expansion valve, accurate adjustment of refrigerant flow.

5. Large-capacity material storage cylinder, puffing function, high-strength food-grade stirrer and national food-grade material cylinder parts, with puffing function, puffing rate 50%-120%. Ice cream machines are widely used in milk tea shops, cold drink shops, hamburger shops, ice cream shops, cafes, school gates, Internet cafes, park gates, community gates, squares, commercial streets, pedestrian streets, supermarkets, hotels, cinemas, tea restaurants, tourist attractions, restaurants, hot pot restaurants, restaurants, Shiduo stores, Chinese restaurants, Western restaurants, cake rooms, prosperous places, entrances and exits of various tourist attractions, street intersections and places with large population flow.                 

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