How to Maintain an Autoclave

Posted by globallabsupply on February 11th, 2020

An autoclave needs to be appropriately maintained to keep it working to its full potential. This article provides tips and information about maintaining an autoclave.

The autoclave is the leading equipment that is used to sterilize the lab equipment like glassware, steel equipment, surgical items etc. An auto page needs to be maintained regularly. It also needs to be maintained by an expert to ensure it is safe.

Here are some tips that you can follow to clean and maintain the autoclave-

  • Clean it regularly

Regular cleansing is important. The autoclave sterilizes the equipment. Hence, it should be free of all types of debris or dirt particles. Hence, it is better if you clean the autoclave regularly. Using the ultrasonic cleaners is great as it removes all the germs and debris to the microscopic level. The gasket and mating surface must be cleaned daily with a strong detergent and disinfectant to keep them free of germs. The sterilization tray also needs to be cleared regularly to avoid any problem. A mild scrubbing pad can be used to scrub the trays. Always make sure to use mild detergent for the inside of the chamber and the trays. The machine needs to be thoroughly cleaned with a specialized autoclave cleaner to clean it thoroughly a few times in a year.

  • Inspect the door

Often the door becomes faulty and loose with time. So, check the door regularly if it has signs of wear. If the door looks or feels faulty, contact a technician as soon as possible.

  • Maintain the reservoir

An autoclave has a reservoir which is used to store the water. It is better to clean the reservoir on a weekly basis. Water needs to be changed on a weekly basis.

  • Spore test to check the sterilization

A living spore test must be performed per week or once in a month to check if the sterilization is working properly and the autoclave chamber is properly sterilized.

  • Check the power chord and electric connection

The power connection of the autoclave is essential. The chord needs to be examined regularly to ensure it is safe and properly insulated. If the chord seems faulty, make sure to change it. If the autoclave has a detachable chord then it can be changed easily. But if it comes with a fixed power chord then it is better to call an electrician to fix it.

  • Inspect Thoroughly

The autoclave needs to be cared for and inspected thoroughly at least once in a year. You can contact the manufacturer or a reputed autoclave mechanic to go for a yearly inspection. Prevention is the best method here. The technician will be able to clearly asses the situation of the equipment and suggest necessary repairing works for the damages. Annual checking involves replacing the damaged parts, repairing tears and wears, checking the insulation etc.

You can contact any reputed manufacturer or maintaining agency to contact a technician for the inspection. They might provide you service against a contract. Alternatively, you might get the contacts of the technician through the internet.

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