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Posted by Beni Restea on February 11th, 2020

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If you’re thinking of moving somewhere in Georgia with low crime rates, a family-focused community and some of the best schools in the state, you should look into Alpharetta, GA. This lovely suburb of Atlanta is one of the best choices for young families as the realtors in Alpharetta GA can show you. Perfect for those who like to enjoy the outdoors, grow in a safe environment and have the opportunities to study and work in the area. Both schools in Alpharetta, GA, and businesses are drawn to the thriving economy which is why the community invests so many resources in the educational system here.

Simple Demographics to boast

Part of the Fulton County School System, public and private schools in Alpharetta rank amongst the best in the state of Georgia. While 117 in total, there are 23 public schools and 94 private schools in Alpharetta, GA. If in the US the average amount for any student received from the government is ,383, in Alpharetta the sum falls shy of that value (,734) but the results rank higher than the nationwide statistics, so there must be something that they are doing better. 

Alpharetta is ranked #1 by by the percentage of the population with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, as 64.1% of the population, 25 years of age or older reached this level of educational attainment. The national percentage is 30.3%, while Georgia is 29.4%. When it comes to more advanced degrees, it’s ranked on #12 with 5.4%, but take into account that the only place that goes over 10% is Washington.

With the fourth-largest Public School System in the state of Georgia, residents of Alpharetta generally choose the public system for education, the only grade level that has more enrollments in the private sector is the Preschools, at 66.6%. Over 90%, however, choose the public sector for grades 1 to 8 and high school is just shy of that percentage, at 88.2%. The reasons for this large discrepancy are not only tuition and taxes required by the private sector, but also the quality of the Public School System in Alpharetta.

Private Schools

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Fulton Science Academy

This is an excellent Private school for academically gifted students with programs starting from Preschool, all the way through High School. With a continuously developing curriculum, here your child will not only discover themselves and nurture their innate abilities, but also become responsible members of the community. The main goals of the institution are to provide their students with a premier and rigorous education and help them to achieve their fullest potential.

Having developed a STEM educational framework with its focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, it strives to develop grounded and well-balanced individuals and conscientious contributors to society. 

Tuition starts at ,500 for Pre-K and ends at ,250 for High School with a 9:1 student-teacher ratio. This school is recommended for all those who want a safe and nurturing environment for their children to grow. While being highly competitive it is the best gift a parent can offer their child. The curriculum offers 18 courses, 12 sports, and 22 extracurriculars and fosters a “yearn to learn” culture.

Ranked #7 Best Private High School in Georgia and #5 Most Diverse Private High School in Georgia.

Rivers Academy

We have here a unique learning environment that provides a rigorous college-prep curriculum. They promise that with their small-sized classes, the students can attain more academic success and personal growth than with the traditional approaches. They encourage growth in a balanced way, allowing childhood to flourish while excelling in both academics and passion. They strive to awaken curiosities and create life-learners rather than perfect accountants.

Their core values promote self-discovery of individual gifts and talents, a balance between childish activities and academic excellence, and growing into a confident, independent thinker.

Tuition starts at ,550 with courses for 4-12 grade students.

Public Schools

Alpharetta Elementary School

While a public school, Alpharetta Elementary School utilizes an interactive and technology-rich environment that will develop your child’s skills and communication abilities. They learn to be part of a group and to learn ways in which they can develop ideas through engaging activities. Offering courses for PK to K-5, the student-teacher ratio is 12:1.

Ranked #4 Best Public Elementary School in Fulton County and #91 Best Public Elementary School in Georgia.

Alpharetta High School

As one of the top 2% High Schools in the US, they focus their goals on education that creates opportunity. With a passion for technology, they stimulate personal creativity and intellectual curiosity. The expectations are high in this culture of continuous learning. It is one of the most diverse High Schools in Georgia and promotes ambitions that drive students to work. You know why you study if you attend Alpharetta High School.

Offering courses for 9-12, the student-teacher ratio is 18:1.

Ranked #4 Best Public High School in Georgia and #176 Best Public High School in America.

Chattahoochee High School

Filled with spirited and passionate students, it promotes a sense of belonging in a community. “Hooch” enables its students to follow their passion while preparing for college with the help of phenomenal teachers. Also known as the “School of Heart”.

Offering courses for 9th-12th grade, the student-teacher ratio is 17:1.

Ranked #6 Best Public High School in Georgia and #256 Best Public High School in America.

Milton High School

Providing a safe and supportive environment that teaches and promotes core values like integrity and accountability, Milton High School is a place where teachers invest themselves in the students’ development. They offer guidance and advice through positive relationships. While focusing on preparing their students for college, they also make sure that there are plenty of opportunities available.

Offering courses for 9th-12th grade, the student-teacher ratio is 19:1.

Ranked #12 Best Public High School in Georgia and #344 Best Public High School in America.

Higher Education

Unfortunately, Alpharetta doesn’t have any colleges or universities, but that doesn’t stop those seeking to reach higher levels of education. Atlanta is but a stone throw away and there are public and private options.

Emory University

If you’re looking for a place that values studying and improving oneself, a tight-knit community, and intermittent Greek parties, this is the place for you. Because of the fact that it has a smaller campus and is not based in Atlanta, this University will allow you to focus and you will be in the place where medical breakthroughs and innovative drug therapies are born. The only downside would be its location, but that can only aid your focus further. The tutelage of world-class professors and rich resources available will give you every tool necessary to get back every cent you give ten-fold.

A highly rated private, Christian University based in Druid Hills, Georgia. Its popular majors include Business, Biology, and Nursing. Emory has 91% of students graduating who end up earning a starting salary of ,500. It demands an SAT score between 1350-1520.

Ranked #1 Best Christian College in America with net tuition of ,867/year.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Everything that you can expect from university life you can find here. The name of this Institute carries a lot of weight and the real world knows that. You have everything available for you to succeed and the people here want you to succeed. The resources are there and if you can’t find them it’s because you’re not looking. While being in the city of Atlanta, GA, 40 minutes away on foot from downtown, you don’t feel like you’re in a city because the campus life is so elaborate and the clubs so inviting. The professors and community within every program help any student who is struggling as this is one of the best tech schools in the world. It’s supposed to be tough.

A highly rated public college based in Atlanta, Georgia. Its popular majors include Mechanical Engineering, Science, and Industrial Engineering. Georgia Institute of Technology has 85% of students graduating who end up earning a starting salary of ,500. It demands an SAT score between 1090-1520.

Ranked #4 Top Public Universities in America with net tuition of ,873/year.

Securing your future is set in stone in this area of Georgia. The only thing necessary is your own motivation and dedication towards your future. You could become the next Bill Gates when you finish school, both because of the schools in Alpharetta, GA, and the Universities established in the Atlanta area. With a focus on technology, medicine, and engineering, education for any child would ensure a future in the field they choose, because these are really some of the best schools in America.

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