Benefits associated with ice pack or cold therapy treatment

Posted by Jackson Logan on February 11th, 2020

Although, cryotherapy, a form of treatment method by use of cold packs dates back to the ancient Greeks, it is only in the early 1940’s that the best ice pack therapy has managed to grab the attention of the medical science. Using ice pack is an ideal option when it comes to treating acute injuries or for rehabilitation purposes. The principle of cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, works on heat exchange for providing relief to bruises and swellings.

The procedure in cold therapy involves cooler object coming in direct contact with the warmer object, skin in this case, with the cooler object absorbing the heat of the warmer object. Ice, when applied on the skin, helps in lowering the body temperature. Also, with ice numbing the nerve endings of the affected body part, transfer of impulses to the brain is stopped, thereby allowing the person to experience lesser pain. 

Although considered to be one of the most inexpensive products, ice can deliver astounding results when it comes to treating injuries and swellings. And, unfortunately, ice happens to be the most underutilized tool by most of the people, ignoring its therapeutic benefits and effectiveness in curing pain. However, of late, more and more healthcare service providers are recommending ice packs and cold therapy treatment to the patients.

Listed herewith are some key benefits of using ice packs and cold therapy treatment for reducing pain and swelling.

. Helps in reducing inflammation

. Relieves pain and reduces swelling

. Promotes faster healing

. Reduces damages to the tissues

. Provides nutrients to the affected area

. Reduction in muscle spasms

The four stages experienced by a patient during cold therapy treatment are as follows:

. Cold

. Burning

. Aching

. Numbness

Most medical practitioners and physiotherapists recommend using of ice packs three to four times a day to their patients. However, it is highly advisable to undertake ice pack or cold therapy under the supervision and guidance of an experienced professional, sans which, the results can also turn out to be adverse instead of positive. 

Back Ice packs are being used by professional athletes and sportspersons for years for relieving pains of muscles and joints. Sportspersons, after long sessions of practice, are seen submerging themselves in ice baths or old whirlpools for treating and relieving pain associated with sore muscles. Ice pack treatment, when taken along with medication, can help in speeding up the healing process.

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