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Posted by Alwayne gray on February 11th, 2020

Paintball gun is a fun game that requires all its players to have tactical skills so that they are able to stand out on the battlefield. You have to be relatively quick and work as a team which is the most important factor when it comes to playing paintball.

You can't just excel in only one of these areas, in order to overcome your opponents on the field you have to know how to use a paintball gun properly. This is probably the area where most players failed in.

In this guide, I'm going to list a few easy steps on how you can easily master all the paintball areas turning you into a pro in a matter of days. You will even have the ability to show off these skills on the playing field when you are playing with your friends.

Step 1. Hold the paintball gun properly 

The first thing you will need to do is learn how to hold your paintball gun correctly. Even though all paintball guns are safe to use, you will need to know how to hold it properly.

What you have to do is press the tank of the gun on your shoulder (it would be best if you use a side which allows you to use your most dominant hand such as the hand you write with). With this dominant hand you will use it to operate the trigger of the gun. The other hand is what you will use to support the steadiness of the barrel.

Step 2. Learn to aim the gun

 Another thing you will have to learn is how to correctly aim the paintball gun. This is one of the most important factor especially when you are aiming to target your enemies on the battlefield.

 In order to get a good aim, you have to hold the gun just below your eye level so you are capable of seeing over the barrel of the gun with both eyes, this will allow you to get a superb aim.

Step 3. Firing the Paintball Gun 

The average distance most paintball guns are capable of shooting is up to 300 feet while still remaining pretty  accurate. The paintball gun is also able to firing at a further distance but you will lose accuracy which will cause you to miss your target. Most paintball guns also use gravity which feeds the ball down in to the mechanism where they fire out, with this you will be able to release around 3 balls per second.

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