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The procedure adopted by the FDA of making the employees well aware of the laws, rules, and policies and hence making them feel responsible and dedicated to the company is called FDA compliance training. The Compliance Program Guidance Manual (CPGM) gives permission to FDA to perform the survey of the training potential of the companies. FDA confirms that each company should make properly documented procedures that will be followed for training and be the major source of skilled workers for the workers. This training will help the companies to prevent financial loss and legal penalties and uphold the reputation of the company in the market. It helps the FDA in the following ways:

  • Tracking illegal actions and unlawful practices of employees, detecting them, and hence prevent the action.
  • Creating a more comfortable and friendly work environment for the employees so that they are mentally prepared to take any kind of challenges even if their basic pay is not up to their expectations.
  • Increasing the overall commercial value and social respect of the FDA Compliance in the global market, and it will help the FDA to gain the confidence of the common people for doing justice.
  • Avoiding workplace discrimination, bribes, kickbacks and protecting confidential documents from outsiders are some of the informal instincts that are not directly taught in the office or in any academic institutions but remain as a sign of a noble profession, and hence maintaining a proper code of conduct in the company work culture.
  • A better understanding of product safety importance, quality management tools, and help medical professionals in the service throughout their career.

FDA suggests that the medical companies must arrange education and training for the employees to make them able to perform their duties efficiently, especially those who are engaged in endorsement and verification activities. It is mandatory for all firms since it will create good impressions on the retailers as well as consumers. This will increase the production output of the company, and the skill of the staff will be highly increased. Also, they should have enough sense to detect and immediately fix any defect. The training procedure should be well documented and tested. FDA experts will come and check the reports and will decide whether the company is giving proper training to its employees or not. In the FDA warning letters, there will always be mentioned about the insufficient or lack of training of the employees, which is the main reason for quality degradation or rules violation. The training should always be task-specific. It will be illogical to train a technical expert in clerical duties. Hence they should always get coaching in their desired areas of responsibilities. To know this thing the following points should be considered:-

  • Appoint an HR team to check the areas of interest of the staff, the requirements of the company, prepare the list of staff to be trained, and decide the mode of training like physical training in the office area, online classroom program by giving PowerPoint presentation or the conventional job training.
  • Managers and supervisors should focus on the work instruction procedures to be implemented in each wing and decide the job titles to be assigned to a single employee of the organization with the help of compliance software. They are also responsible for monitoring whether the training is running efficiently.
  • Now it is time to define a particular training program format that will be easily absorbed by all groups of employees; otherwise, effective communication between them will not take place. If communication is not there, it will not be beneficial for the company because, in that case, only a particular wing will be benefitted from the course. The rest will lack expertise, and gradually confidence will decrease among them. This will overall lower the workforce of the company.
  • To measure how effective the training is, a fixed rating system should be decided. To encourage the staff, they should be given appraisal for good performance in the training program. This will create a sense of competition among the employees, and therefore all the staff will find interest in contributing to the procedure.

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