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How to find out if you need Leak Detection Services?

Posted by Mitigationinc on February 11th, 2020

Any kind of water leak in your home can be quite frustrating and expensive. Leaks can cause unusually high water bills. Pipeline leak detection is done to determine if there is any leak in systems that contain gases and liquids. Nowadays, newest leak detection techniques and technology for non-invasive methods assures the most economical and timely outcome.

There is approximately no or reduced damage to the property. Methods of detection can include infrared, laser technology and hydrostatic testing after leak detection and pipeline erection during service.

Common signs to know, whether you have a water leak

High water bills

A spike in water price when you have not really changed your water usage can mean that you have a leak. The first thing is to call the water authority. They will do a water analysis on your existing system. The leak detection in Torrance will be able to tell you whether you actually have a leak. If yes, they will repair it.

 How to go about

Check to find out if you have leaky toilets or drippy faucets. Just one leaky toilet can waste gallons of water each day. If the toilets and faucets are in a good condition, the leak is probably can be in the pipes under your yard or house. The experts in leak repair in Torrance will find out the source and repair it.

Plumbing leaks can be mostly found in the following places:

  • Within or beneath the slab, your home is built on
  • Around intersections or plumbing joints
  • In your crawl or basement
  • Between your water meter as well as your home (under yard or driveway)
  • In a miscellaneous plumbing fixtures, like water purification feed line

Slab leak and water leak detection technology

Plumbers can use several technologies and tools to find water leaks inside walls, buried under soil and below concrete slabs.

These are 3 most commonly used leak detection tools:

Video inspection equipment

Small cameras allow plumbers to properly see what is happening inside the pipes. These types of devices have been used to retrieve items such as wedding rings and car keys from drainpipes. Measuring the length of the cable going down the pipe before actually spotting the leak, allows plumbers to properly calculate the leak’s location and diagnose pipeline problems.

 Acoustic listening equipment

This is very useful in amplifying the sound of water leaks, especially under concrete slabs or inside walls. Acoustic listening equipment allows plumbers to carry out South Bay leak detection before they start drilling or digging.

 Soil probes

Soil probe devices provide plumbers a simple way to clearly listen to pressurized shooting of water into the soil, surrounding sewer or water mains. This technology can minimize to find out how much is your yard dug up. This helps to locate and repair any leaky pipe.

For the best Torrance leak detection services, call one of the most popular and experienced companies called Mitigation. Their excellent services extend to some of the popular cities like all of South Bay, Los Angeles including Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Rolling Hills and outlying areas.

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