6 Tips for Home interior designs

Posted by John Smith on February 12th, 2020

The good interior design decorator knows how to treat small spaces to expand the visual effect and make the most of the last useful corner. For one reason or another, it seems that our homes are always small for us.

Here in the following, we will learn about 6 tips for home interior designs that you can apply in your house interior design.

1. Decorating small rooms with sliding doors:

The classic swing doors and, also the closet doors need a large space to open them so replacing them with sliding doors or sliding doors is great advice. They are functional, modern and elegant.

2. Decoration of environments with transparent walls or doors: 

The interior decorator uses to a large extent the transparency of the walls or doors of glass or translucent materials positively influences the optical effect of decorating small rooms because it visually enlarges the space and can reach all areas. We must lose some privacy but we gain a lot in brightness.

3. Decoration of small spaces with mirrors:

Decorating with mirrors is a classic because since ancient times we have taken advantage of its advantages. Increase the light and the feeling of spaciousness looking for a strategic place to the elegant modern mirrors for interior decoration.

4. Flowers and plants in interior decoration:

Small spaces increase their conformity when they are fresh and cheerful and, what better way to achieve that by placing plants with or without flowers carefully around the small room and inappropriate places trying not to massify the room. Interior decorators never forget them.

5. Open shelves to decorate small spaces:

Storage furniture occupies an important real space, closed cabinets can help us in decorating small rooms if we choose to unify colors to integrate into the environment, but in this tip, we will try to use open shelves and maintain a nice order in the placed objects.

Removing the doors of the cabinets and making the bottom of the shelves visible is also valid for modern kitchen furniture.

6. Decorating small kitchens with organizing drawers:

Kitchen utensils and utensils take up a lot of space and are always difficult to find when needed. So, projecting a kitchen with lots of storage furniture and hidden kitchen drawers where we can organize all save us space and a lot of time in your daily needs. We can go to the interior decorators or access a virtual decorator where we will see with certainty the different options.

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