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Posted by Zepto Life Technology, LLC on February 12th, 2020

Microfluidic technology allows the controlling of small amounts of liquids through micrometer-scale channels, used in various applications such as patterning cells, perfusion bioreactors, etc. This technology has helped in the building of Point of Care (POC) medical tests. Through condensing, mixing and automating the fluid flow on disposable chips, a set of complex functions can be performed in a field setting rather than a laboratory.

Micro-fluidic technology is competing with the POC technology that exists until today. Microfluidic technology is revolutionizing the medicine discovery industry, as it enables a high degree of automation and can perform several hundred thousand cell-based analyses in a single experiment!

Micro-Fluidics Device

The microfluidic devices explore the physical and chemical properties of liquids and gases at a small scale. They offer several benefits over the old over-sized systems. Micro-fluidics have diverse advantages such as the reaction time is quicker, the sensitivity of the analysis, better temperature control, portability, easy to use, automatic and parallelization and integration of lab routines in one device (Lab-on-a-chip Technology). They are cheap, as they do not involve the costs of various expensive types of equipment and apparatuses in a laboratory.

Micro-fluidic devices help in multiple research areas, specifically for biological analysis. The whole biological process is coagulated and made simple for the end-users with the help of micro-fluidic devices.

Bio-Surface and Magnetic Integration

On-chip bio surface technology integrates various analyses such as biochemical operations, chemical synthesis and the sequencing of DNA on a small chip, which would have been otherwise performed at a laboratory, taking a sufficient amount of time. Due to this technology, the biochemical operations have attained better speed, cost efficiency and sensitivity in diagnosis. This technology is basically a mixture of fluidics, electronics, optics, and bio-sensors. The main motive of this technology is the requirement for the state-of-art pathological analysis on-the-move. It proves useful in finding the methods for the early stage and diagnosis of many deadly and chronic diseases.

Immunoassay Testing Device

It is a simple to use diagnostic device used to confirm the presence or the absence of a target pathogen in humans or animals, or contaminants in water supplies, food items or animal fodder. The most commonly known type of Immunoassay Testing Device is the pregnancy test strip. These devices typically contain a control line to confirm if the test is working properly, with three target test lines. They require minimal training to operate. They can be qualitative and read visually. Immunoassay testing devices are widely used in the human health industry for Point of Care testing.

Immunoassay Testing Device tests can either be performed by a healthcare professional or by the patient itself, in a range of locations including the laboratory, clinic or at home. These devices are used across a number of other industries also such as pharmaceuticals, environmental testing, animal health, food, and fodder testing, along with plant and crop health too.

Zepto Life Technology is using the latest technology in diagnostics to provide its clients with easy testing devices, which fit perfectly into their pockets!

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