The Most Common 5 Services Provided by a Travel Technology Company

Posted by TravQ on February 12th, 2020

We can’t second guess the impact of technology in the travel industry as well as the new innovations that have been implemented. The travel market is huge and overcrowded and within a few decades, technology has transformed the way of carrying out different operations. Especially, after the introduction of the internet and smartphones, it has taken a giant leap towards reaching out to a larger audience and increasing more revenues. The travel industry is no exception and we can see the evidence by the vast proliferation of the industry.

With an online travel portal, an extensively large base of an audience can access travel agents to book their preferred travel contents. Travel technology companies have emerged in the market to deliver travel solutions to travel agents/agencies in the business. One of them is TravQ which is serving travel industries for years now. During the last decade, you might have come across different offline travel agents/agencies but this concept has gone and OTAs have replaced it.

In order to get a dynamic platform over the internet different agencies are collaborating with travel technology companies who can give a complete makeover to their business and can help them to leave their footprints online. It helps them to access the largest inventory of the airlines, hotels, and other travel service suppliers like- bus, car, cruise, and train. This allows agencies to deliver the live data on the availability of inventory, price, discounts, etc. Most of the travel solutions provider offers the following services.

Web Application Services

Being the most recent and one of the trending approaches that has taken over the travel technology sector is developing a web-based application. As a travel technology service provider, TravQ ensures the top and possibly the best in automated web-based travel web application development.

Clients nowadays have a considerable amount of desires and colossal requests with respect to web applications. Web applications nowadays are required to be accessible 24*7 and can be accessed from everywhere throughout the world which is supported by different gadgets or screen sizes. Web applications must be secure, adaptable, and versatile to fulfill spikes in need.

Web-based travel application is beneficial for travel business because:

  • Affordable development cost

  • Customization is quite easy

  • Accessible from any corner of the world

  • Usable for different gadgets & screen size

  • Security is enhanced

  • Ease of maintenance as well as installation

IoT-based Travel Application

The Internet of Things isn’t an advertised thing any longer. Presently, you can discover these applications pretty frequently in the market. It is without a doubt that you’ll discover the usage of applications all over the place. On the off chance that you are obscure about these things simply have a look at the smartwatch that you have in your wrist. These are the easiest and best examples of IoT applications. You probably won’t be that aware but the smart TV you watch or a gaming gadget that you sit back with.

SEO for Travel Website

SEO for travel websites are not a theoretical consent but a practical one. In general terms, it can be understood as optimization of the travel websites to rank them on a competitive position on major search engines. Being a pioneer travel technology company, TravQ serves its clients with travel SEO services for years and has greater success rate in this field.

If you are having a travel website and you are new to this you must have a good knowledge of SEO else you’ll fail miserably. Let’s discuss the importance of travel SEO in the following points:

  • Allows generation of leads by landing traffic on your travel portals/websites.

  • Affordable in comparison to PPC method.

  • Business growth is guaranteed.

Mobile-based Travel Application

As technology is dominating over the travel industry, you see the mobile application (Android/iOS) very much in use. Mobile-based travel apps are somewhat a secret or say the reason behind the development of the travel sector in a technical way. This allows several travel companies to stand out victorious in the market. Nowadays, users have stopped using the traditional method of browsing travel websites over the desktop rather they use travel booking apps on their smartphones.

If you are having a travel agency or you’re a travel operator then you ought to go for travel mobile apps to develop your travel business. TravQ offers B2B and B2C mobile-based application services with the interest of your necessity. Mobile application for travel portals gives your customers an edge over different travel web portals and you can see your income hopping higher than ever as the search and book structures are 70% simpler in comparison to that of the web portals.

Why mobile-based travel application?

  • Connects with your potential customers who are portable devices freak.

  • Showcases that you promote business and tech trends through your products/services.

  • Operational cost is minimal

  • Ease of booking tickets, meals, cab, and see real-time scheduling.

  • Instant feedback on the services availed by customers.

  • Allows your brand to get promoted on various platforms.

Travel CRM

CRM is considered as one of the emerging technology that has stepped into the travel industry. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is developed for different travel agencies and are generally meant to satisfy the need to travel as well as hospitality industries.

Travel CRMs are designed with a motive to manage the company’s relationship with the present as well as potential consumers. It uses some extra options, it’s simple to manage data, implement international communication and automatize the in operation procedures. Several important points are mentioned which make CRM a prominent tool for the travel industry.

  • Customers data is managed

  • Helps in building customer relationship

  • Boosts of sale

  • Allows contacting mass clients simultaneously

  • Relation tracking with customers/clients

  • The overall process gets automated

  • Expansion of consumer base

Concluding, TravQ being a pioneer travel technology company delivers top services to its clients across the globe. Having said that, it provides most of the services that a travel business needs to excel. TravQ has been at the forefront player in web development services for the travel industry. In fact, our industry-leading services that have been designed not only to include all of the features we have talked about here but many more which can be added as per clients requirement.


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