Smart Tips to Prevent Online Shopping Threats

Posted by Picknhook on February 12th, 2020

Online shopping is fun! We all like to shop online. Well, if you get thousands of choices from around the world, why walk around the market? With online shopping sites you can buy from your home and have it delivered easily. But do you know that online shopping sites can be dangerous for you? These commercial sites can also expose you to various threats.

Here are some clever tips to secure your online purchases:

Buy from familiar websites:

When you are looking for something on the Internet; you get hundreds of results. But most of the results websites are bogus. You should always buy products from familiar sites. If you buy products from a well-known e-commerce site, there is less risk of fraud. But be sure to click on the authentic URL. Cybercriminals create fake URLs with similar names. If you don't pay attention to the URL and enter your information such as your credit card details, passwords, etc., you risk falling into money theft problems. Check the URL carefully, then shop around. You can also use browser security features that can help prevent fake websites. Make sure you go to the website that is safe. Check the https (lock sign) on the URL, then open it.

Install security software

Keeping security software is a good solution to ward off multiple threats. With Norton Com Setup Product Key antivirus, you can ensure that your device does not have keyloggers or spyware to steal data. Features like firewalls, VPN, password manager, anti-spyware, spam filter, etc. help increase the security of your device.

Use two-factor authentications

Most websites today offer two-factor authentication for security purposes. When making a payment; you must enter two details to complete the process. With the password, you will need an OTP or thumb expression to ensure that the authentic person is making the payment. If someone hacks your credit card details and tries to buy something; he cannot compete for payment before having obtained the password to be paid.

Beware of crazy offers

You may have seen crazy offers and limited time offers when looking for a product. Most "too good" deals are scams. Check every detail before taking action. Check the website before entering the bank details.

Check your invoices regularly

You should always monitor your electronic invoices. If you see payment details that you have not made, you should contact your bank immediately. Use two-factor authentication and a secure site when making any payments.

Use a VPN while using a public hotspot

You should always use a VPN when accessing public Wi-Fi internet. Unsecured internet can be dangerous for your bank and other accounts. You should always use a VPN while performing banking activities or sending crucial data over the network.

You can also use other security measures such as using a strong password, deleting cookies and avoiding the option to save the password. You should also avoid using public devices to make payments. Buy safely and go online shopping India sites!

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