Carotenoids Market Likely To Emerge Over A Period Of 2018 2027

Posted by Amy on February 12th, 2020

The demand within the global carotenoids market is expected to escalate to new heights. Advancements in the field of botany have played a crucial role in driving demand within the global carotenoids market. Furthermore, the study of photosynthetic reactions in plants also involves the use of carotenoids. Despite being an inherent part of plants, the use of carotenoids for improvement of human health is also a notable trend.

The health benefits of carotenoids have played a vital role in driving market demand. The health of plants largely depends on the presence of important pigments, including carotenoids. Furthermore, use of carotenoids to impart hues to fruits and vegetables is also an important consideration from the perspective of market growth. The ability of carotenoids to absorb light has generated tremendous interest amongst biological researchers. Furthermore, improvements in botanical studies are also the backdrop of growth within the global market.

A report published by Transparency Market Research on the global carotenoids market predicts that this market would expand at a sluggish CAGR of 4% over the period between 2018 and 2027. The steady growth rate of the market can be attributed to the challenging procurement of carotenoids. However, the use of these pigments in treatment of diseases has remained at the forefront of market growth.

Some of the key vendors operating in the global carotenoids market are Novus International, Nutralliance, and Fuji Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. These vendors have been quick to meet the requirements of medical research centers and botanical laboratories. In addition to this, these vendors are popularising the opinion of research scholars and medical professionals on the uses of carotenoids.

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Use of Carotenoids for Treating Chronic Diseases

The medical industry has been investigating the effects and benefits of carotenoids on humans. According to several epidemiological investigations, consumption of carotenoids by humans is expected to favour cancer treatments. Furthermore, other chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood-pressure may also be controlled with proper dosage of carotenoids. Therefore, the total volume of revenues within the global carotenoids market is slated to increase in the years to follow.

Health Benefits of Carotenoids

The protective health benefits served by carotenoids in humans is a key consideration from the perspective market analysis. The healthcare and medical industries are studying effects of carotenoids on the human body. Favourable effects of these pigments are projected to propel demand within the global carotenoids market. Plants are not the only source of carotenoids, and the latter can be obtained from photosynthetic bacteria and algae. Therefore, scientific research pertaining to carotenoids can be initiated without the apprehension of constrained supply. Doctors encourage the consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain carotenoids in substantial amounts. This factor has also played an underhanded role in the market expansion.

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