A Look Into High-Risk Merchant Account Specialists

Posted by highriskholdings on February 12th, 2020

Obtaining a high-risk merchant account is a specialty of many high-risk merchant account providers for businesses that are new and established worldwide. Their cutting-edge high-risk credit card processing solutions ensure you will have the most up-to-date and relevant solutions for their customers to purchase products/services easily. The process of setting up high risk merchant services in USA is determined by the amount of risk associated with the business as well as the vertical. But have you thought about what determines if your business is risky and how can you secure affordable high-risk credit card processing?

Don’t let the term ‘high risk’ scare you. There is a wide variety of reasons a business can be classified into this category and not all of them are bad. High-risk merchants may earn this classification due to their average monthly transaction size, vertical type, typical charge back rate, fulfillment time frames or if they are structured to accept subscription-style payments. By falling into any of these categories, your business will automatically be deemed risky by high risk merchant service providers across the country.

Some industries fall into the category of high risk without a doubt, while others are carefully scrutinized for tell-tale risk factors. Below are a few common business niches that are found to always require a high risk merchant services Canada.

• Accounting & Tax Prep

• Cigarettes and Tobacco

• Tech Support

• Credit Repair

• Web Design Agencies

• Digital Downloads

• Drop-Shipping

• Jet Charter

• Hunting & Outdoor Equipment

• Vape & E-Cigarettes

• Dating Sites

• Saas Companies

• Nutraceuticals & Supplements

High-Risk Credit Card Payment Processor for Every Vertical

When your business doesn’t conform to the credit policies of a tier-one, traditional bank, you must then hire reliable and reputable high-risk merchant processors. But when you choose a good company, they strive to make you feel welcome and get you set up with a high-risk payment gateway that can support your business type. Some of them are seasoned pros in these verticals, thus have the ability to deal with every situation possible with high-risk businesses.

By utilizing their broad scope of knowledge and leveraging 15+ banking relationships, they try best to make the process as hassle-free as possible. With the right merchant account, you can get your business to grow and running faster with safe and secure credit card transactions to help you grow.

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