Rajasthan Overnight Desert Camping

Posted by Vue India on February 12th, 2020

Rajasthan’s Desert Camping is a must for all to rejoice at least once in a life-time to feel the years old tradition of Royal Maharajas on the one hand and that of the gypsies, on the other hand.

Why do desert camping:

Many times it so happens, we start craving for a change, no matter whether it is to change from a high-tech urban civilized life to nomadic living, far away from the city in some desert amid isolated dunes, watching mesmerizing belly dance, or participating in age-old folk dance, or just spending time amid late-night bonfires and barbeques under the sky watching twinkling stars and diving deep in the serene nature.

And, it’s not bad, considering the fun and frolic these Rajasthan Tour Packages of overnight desert camping offers, especially during Full Moon Days when the entire sand gets transformed into a single glowing silver carpet besides silently changing its curves and dunes with every blow of wind.

What’s so Great about Overnight Desert Camping:

The Sam Sand Dunes Desert Safari Tours of nights camping are worth to spend time with and are exciting enough to lure all besides their sophisticated lifestyle and the most urban living loaded with tons of comfort and innovative high-tech gadgets with the latest features and amenities.

These desert camping nights provide one with the real touch of nature embraced with majestic maharaja’s type of living styles.

After all, when nature is at its best, it is simply unbelievable and unmatchable to let something else surpass its grace and fade its charm to let one avoid it and enjoy the excitation and the ambiance somewhere else.

So, it’s time to pitch ones tent over the vast sands amid the wild terrains and start tuning to the centuries-old traditional songs, quaint dance, local delectable delicacies, and a lot more while being getting tipsy with every single next sip of the drink and as the night goes old.

Why overnight camping in India:

And when one is in India, there is no dearth to adventure and fun with Rajasthan Desert Safari, whether one likes camping near raw nature or loves camping elsewhere, with all gadgets and amenities.

Whether one wants to enjoy Rajasthan folk dance or wish to immerse in Arabian nights, whether one is a food junkie or whether one is a natural beauty lover wishing to spend the entire night gazing stars, the Rajasthan’s overnight desert camping tours have a lot to offer all.

A few of the best destinations of overnight camping:

From raw nights at Jaisalmer to high-tech nights at Mount Abu or Jaipur, besides ultra-modern camping at Jodhpur, Rajasthan is bound to leave one awe-struck without letting a moment just bypass without rejoicing.

And the long stretch smooth dunes of Pushkar, the camel capital of India is for those who enjoy Rajasthan Desert Festivals and camping overnight at the banks of the river to get excited amid colorful crowd while mingling with locals, in the downtown streets or the cattle fair or some other Rajasthan’s affair. Though Pushkar is primitive over facilities, it's sure to offer one never-ever-experienced vacation full of fun, frolic, and adventure.

The Sam dunes of Jaisalmer and the Sagao, Jawai, Achalgarh, and the Bhrigu Ashram of Mount Abu are a few of the most sought-after camping destinations of Rajasthan, where visitors and tourists equally love to throng, whether they are from UK or the USA, or some other English speaking country.

It’s time to enjoy Jaisalmer Desert Safari and travel through the isolated quaint villages of Rajasthan and choose one’s prime exotic locations to plant the flag, erect the camp and witness the silent whispering of winds amid the dunes, pushing them slowly to transform their size and giving the surroundings a fresh new beautiful look.

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