What are the Reasons Behind Increasing Demands For Python?

Posted by cyber success on February 12th, 2020

Python has been rising in demand recently and is one of the most popular programming languages. Many people are intrigued as to what makes Python so popular and what’s the best way to learn it. Here, in this article, we will understand the reasons behind increasing demands for python and how best you can learn it.

  • Python is Easy to use 

The convenience Python provides while writing code is one of the most driving factors of its popularity. Python’s simple syntax lets the developer write complex logic in a way that is much simpler than other languages. In Python, Blocks are defined by indentation rather than curly braces. This generally helps in two ways: By eliminating curly braces, it eliminates all the errors that one might make while using them and it also makes the code more readable.

The fact that Python is a  loosely typed language, that is: the type of the variables will be given dynamically and need not be declared, also adds a lot to its simplicity. Due to this and many other syntactical features that make writing code simple, Python is sometimes referred to as “executable pseudocode”.

  • Python Is Easy To Get Started With

Due to its simple syntax, Python is easier to get started with and many people can get acquainted with python in less time. This helps in producing python developers fastly. Due to a large number of libraries within it which we will discuss in detail later on, Students can write something meaningful within a short time after they start learning python.

  • Portability of Python

Portability is a characteristic of a programing language that allows it to run under different operating system environments without major rework. Naturally, a highly portable language will be popular. Python can be said to be highly portable as it can run in Windows and many UNIX like systems. With Java implementation of Python i.e., Jython being developed, python can leverage many features of JVM including its portability.

  • High Flexibility of Python

Python is built from start with extensibility in mind. It is highly extensible and contains a lot of libraries that are useful for developing applications in many different areas thus rendering its flexibility. This flexibility of Python gives a large amount of popularity to it. With libraries like Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, and PyTorch it is highly popular for the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With Numpy and Scipy, it is popular for Scientific computations.

  • A large community of Python

Throughout its decades-long history python has acquired a large number of developers in its community. They are so helpful and will solve most, if not all of the problems that arise for many developers. Many people also share their success stories which are a great source of inspiration.

  • Best way to learn Python

Now that you understand how and why python is important, let us now see what’s the best way of learning it. Sure, they are a lot of online tutorials and documentation available but learning it traditionally within the institute is also relevant. We offer Python Classes in Pune that teach all the required things that let you need to be a Python developer. This Python training in Pune will also give you the necessary background required for specific areas.

These can be said the best Python classes in Pune as they not only give you the ground knowledge for general python development but also give specialized sessions for specific areas.

As this is a python course with placement, as soon as you complete the course, you will have a good job within the industry.

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