Why is Benchtop Fume Hood Essential?

Posted by globallabsupply on February 12th, 2020

In many laboratories, especially in biochemical or chemistry labs, often experiments generate toxic gas. These gases can dangerous and can cause serious harm to the workers, and the people present there. Hence, the gas needs o to be controlled for a safe lab environment. A benchtop hood is used to contain dangerous gases or vapors or dust and minimize the chances of any danger. 

Benchtop fume hoods are specially designed equipment. These devices are durable and resistant to even the most active chemical substances. It also has transparent sashes which provide visibility while an experiment is being performed. In general, benchtop fume hoods are enclosed machines for a space that is leak-[rpf, spillage-free and chemical resistant.

 Different types of benchtop fume hood-

There are mainly two types of benchtop fume hoods. The first one is a ducted benchtop fume hood and the second one is a recirculating fume hood.

 How does it work?

The principle is more or less the same. Thee benchtop fume hoods draw the air out of the rooms and regulate it. In case there are multiple fume hods or a large fume hood, air ventilation is necessary.

The fume hoods are generally placed near the walls to get the optimum result.

 The function of a benchtop fume hood

 The purpose of a benchtop fume hood is to protect the workers of the laboratory. It prevents the leakage of harmful gases or dust or vapors. It also protects the on-going experiments. Some benchtop fume hoods also have other functions like exp[losion prevention, spill containment, fire prevention, etc. So, you can choose the right benchtop fume hood as per the requirement of your laboratory.

 How to maintain it?

 If you want to make the fume hood last longer, then it must be appropriately maintained. Proper maintenance keeps this equipment in healthy condition and also increases its efficiency.

Here are some tips for maintenance-

  •  Inspect is daily

Daily inspection is necessary. Try to inspect is usually before storing anything or before performing any experiment. Inspection can help you determine some abnormalities quickly. You can find the blockages by only visual inspection.

  • Periodic inspection:

It is also necessary. A benchtop fume hood needs to be examined periodically to ensure that it is working fine. In general, the face velocity of a benchtop fume hood in measured with the help of an anemometer. The ideal face velocity ranges from 100 feer per minute at the opening. Besides that, all the other nearby exhaust equipment must also be examined to check if their contamination is affecting the fume hood.

  • Annual maintenance:

A benchtop must be examined by an expert at least once in a year to keep it going. Annual servicing is crucial. You can contact the manufacturer or an expert to check it annually.

You can contact a reputed manufacturer for buying the best quality benchtop fume hood. A good quality benchtop hood can make things simple.

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